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7Strangers: Free Random Chat

It's a free random chat site that lets you

connect with people from all over the world.

Chat with strangers


  1. 7strangers

    Registered: April 26, 2016
    Online Chatters: > 200
    Mobile Friendly: Yes
    Video Chat: No
    Registration: Yes
    Alexa Rank: ~150000

    7strangers is a user-friendly text chat, available in a lot of different languages, where you can meet strangers from every country, all in one place. It works pretty smoothly, so you can use it not only when you’re having a relaxed night in at home, but when you’re waiting somewhere, having a break at work or when you’re simply bored, it doesn’t matter where you are! You can set your location and chat with people of all genders and nationalities, anyone is welcome to join.

Chat on 7strangers

The layout of the site is very friendly - the colors are darker and more toned down than others. You can read what the chat is all about in a clear and informative way. You can have 1 on 1 private conversations with other people here. You can do anything you want, talk about whatever topic you prefer and share your views freely. You just need to keep in mind that people have different expectations and you should respect everyone’s freedoms and choices. 7strangers doesn’t monitor the specific vocabulary you use, but you can obviously still get removed from the chat if you do something unsolicited. You can meet attractive people that you might want to date or at least get to know or those that you simply agree with in terms of personality, opinions or preferences. Chat with strangers and never get bored, people here appear to be friendly, accepting and open. If there is someone that you missed or found once but didn’t exchange contact details with, you can make a post about them or contact the site owner, they will help you find that person who caught your attention.

How to use 7strangers?

You can stay completely anonymous, no registration is required. You can start chatting instantly as all chat users are available and online. It’s a random chat site that pairs you with other people and you can keep browsing until you find someone that you like.

7strangers chat

The chat can be accessed from your desktop computer, tablet or mobile phone, it’s available on every device.

The chat is popular everywhere and is being created and developed in various foreign languages, so you can join the chat room that is relevant for where you live or what language you speak.

7strangers country

You can access the chat easily by simply clicking on the main button. The chat offers everything for free so you can begin your conversations instantly.

It is one of the sites that resembles omegle and offers similar features, but it doesn’t offer cam to cam chats. It doesn’t matter what your purpose for using this chat is, because it doesn’t limit itself to being strictly a dating site or a place for having mainly casual conversations.

How to find mature people to chat with on 7Strangers

7Strangers is an omegle chat site that lets you talk with people of different ages, different backgrounds and living in various locations. This way you can get to know new people that you wouldn’t be able to meet in real life. Connecting with strangers is a lot easier to do online. It also makes it more accessible to chat with mature people. Whether you are a lot younger or just a bit, you can surely get along with anyone you find online. Talking to mature people is easier, you can really expand the topics you mention and elaborate on, you can fulfill your fascinations and chat with someone you are attracted to, someone you really want to talk to and spend time with. Mature chat users can teach you a lot.

Ask them a lot of questions. Be sure to show your interest in them. They might feel like they know more than you and have more experience, but it doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Be polite and curious, do not try to impress them too much. Act natural, inquire a lot and make them trust you.

You can chat with people from other countries. You can ask mature people from America or Europe about anything that interests you, their culture, perhaps ask them to explain something you don’t understand or are particularly curious about. You can also let them teach you their language, which might become your shared project. You can actually learn a language in a fun environment and it might let you get to know each other. Your new friend might enjoy being able to be your teacher for a bit. They are probably curious about some things you are interested in as well.

You can bond while sending each other messages and sharing pictures and keep up a nice friendship. Sites like omegle just like 7Strangers and chatroulette sites make it easily to get to know someone deeply and thoroughly. Make use of this chance and find yourself a friend that you really want to have!


very easy to start chatting
lets you choose the location, age, gender and language
you can have private conversations


doesn’t offer a cam to cam option, which would be a useful feature
isn’t that heavily moderated and controlled

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