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CamSurf provides a random video chat available on all platforms.

It has lighting fast connections, geographical filtering and multiple languages.

Chat with strangers

CamSurf: Free Video Chat

  1. CamSurf

    Registered: Mar 25, 2010
    Online Chatters: < 3000
    Mobile Friendly: Yes
    Video Chat: Yes
    Registration: Yes
    Alexa Rank: ~60000

    CamSurf enables you to connect with everyone else simply by joining the group chat. It is very easy to join this omegle alternative site and the creators want it to be available to as many people as possible. Enter these friendly chat rooms and video chat and message the strangers that are assigned to you. Choose what types of people you would prefer to meet, engage in conversations, laugh and make jokes with others, chat with open-minded strangers who can always teach you something useful and interesting.

Chat on Camsurf

Chat on Camsurf

This webcam chat site is also a random chat where you can meet regular people who are extraordinary in their own ways. Now you don’t need to leave the house to make new friends when you can do it in online chat rooms. Enter this random video chat and never be afraid of being rejected or misunderstood, on camsurf.com every user is welcome and invited to share their views. You can meet anyone you want, practice foreign languages, find new hobbies.

Webcam online conversations can help you feel more confident chatting to strangers and you never need to feel stressed about being who you are. Go online now and explore all the options that this online chatting site has to offer. It is a very accessible social network that is here to help you become a sociable and popular person, you can chat to strangers online on this random chat, an amazing way to unite yourself with the world.

Camsurf is one of the better ways to do this if you want to connect with individuals from around the globe. It can connect and chat via Live Video Feeds to over 200 nations. You can quickly and easily connect and filter prospective matches by language, region and more. Camsurf is an excellent way of finding friends or even flirtation with prospective dates for those of you who consider yourself to be extremely social. The software was designed to build links worldwide and the app has had a user base over three years. Since the app was published, over a billion video links have been made between different users. Camsurf will certainly grow quicker than any other comparable video chat app. There is no doubt.

The only true drawback to the software is perhaps that while it's used it is pretty simple to ban. The prohibitions are mostly temporary, but permanent prohibitions are feasible. A number of devoted staff moderate the software, but sometimes ban it for no true reason. Many users indicated that their legs or body can simply appear in the video shooting is prohibited. In some cases, the moderators prohibit an account simply because they receive a complaint, so the platform is full of complaints and prohibitions.

Camsurf will certainly have something to draw your attention to with customers in over 200 nations and more than 1000 internet users at any given time. Connections can be filtered to produce suitable matches better and the software can even be set to link only to your local region.

  The software can also be used fully anonymously, is one of the most attractive elements. You do not need to register for the app, so nobody can access your personal details. The video chat environment is also extremely safe, but if you choose, it offers you the choice to remain anonymous.

The Next Button – Camsurf's star characteristic is the Next, an chance to escape stupid discussion without first having to apologize to you unpleasantly. If you chat with someone who's not a match, you can just press' Next' and link to someone fresh immediately. The same is of course true of the person at the second end of the talk, where the stakes are much higher than other social apps and services to have an interesting conversation.

A Global Community – Camsurf offers users the chance to connect to individuals from around the globe. This opens the opportunity for video chat with individuals who would never or could not have encountered them. One minute in Paris, Users can enhance their French, talk to one local about the political environment in Brazil and talk about indie bands in New Orleans. In such a worldwide society, the opportunities are infinite.

Social Freedom – Camsurf can be contrasted in an anonymous setting with the ancient AOL chat room, where customers can communicate freely. This sort of personal liberty is refreshing and attractive to many Camsurf consumers in an era of Facebook's personal privacy and prospective employers who are able to control Twitter feeds.

New ways to have fun – the primary ways to interact online are through social media, dating sites and text chat rooms. However, these communication techniques have lately become rather sluggish, with many individuals seeking fresh ways to express themselves online while meeting new individuals, leading to an increase in Chatroulette's popularity. Camsurf's beauty is that all people can find their own way to enjoy service whether to dress up and to sing for strangers, to discover a fresh culture or language or even to look for love.

Camsurf is a free, simple to use Video Chat messaging service where guests can create new friends, find love, learn a new language or explore a fresh culture online using their webcam. Camsurf provides the possibility to filter customers per nation and a free mobile app to chat on the go, a smooth and easy video chat platform. By its Safe Space campaign, Camsurf stands against cyber-bullying and harassment.

How to use Camsurf?

Camsurf is a versatile and open omegle alternative.

How to use Camsurf

Similarly to the original chatroulette and omegle sites it lets you choose the location of the people you want to chat with, pick the gender and language which you want to use to chat with strangers. You can enable your webcam and then you can both video chat with people and text your new friend, all of this while having your cam turned on. The Android Camsurf app which you can download online is completely free and doesn’t take up too much of your storage. Camsurf chat site makes it very easy to chatting online and making new friends.

How to use Camsurf

One feature that makes this site like omegle a popular and appreciated tool in chatting with strangers online is that it has history of helping people struggling with depression and social anxiety. People with mental illnesses can feel safe in this chat room. After all, people have different reasons for looking for friends on the Internet, mental struggles being just a few of them. This chatting site doesn’t ask you to sign up or share any details. The connection is fast and steady, doesn’t matter where the person you’re talking to is. Camsurf is also very inviting in terms of its visual appearance - it appears to be safe space for many people. With tons of users every day, you will surely find a nice person to chat with.

1) Free Webcam Messenger: It's a free service and users don't have to pay the service provider anything.

2) Connect with worldwide individuals: Camsurf can assist you in connecting with individuals around the world. Chat randomly with individuals. Camsurf is used in more than 200 nations, which allow you to use the option nation and language filter to communicate and chat with a better partner.

3) Privacy protection: Camsurf retains the privacy of the user and allows you to chat fully anonymously with others. 

4) Strict regulations and rules: Company follows strict guidelines and regulations to guarantee elevated customer experience to preserve the dignity of the implementation. The app is free of offensive stuff by a separate moderator team.

Some of the advantages of this chat app are here.

1) Amazing messenger application for webcams.

2) Use free request.

3) Friendly and quiet interface responsive.

4) No sort of registration is required.

5) Full confidentiality shall be retained.

6) Company is pursuing rigorous measures to guarantee the user experience is of high quality.

7) Supports more than 200 nations.

There are also some drawbacks to the app that we noticed using the app. 

1) Makers claim that it's a nice dating platform. However, no video chat filter is available to select sex.

2) It operates perfectly in the landscape mode on our phone, without any doubt, but we noticed several problems when using it in portrait mode.

3) For Android platform and website only accessible, making it unavailable to device users on iOS and Windows.

Be Social: Flirt & Date 

Camsurf is a social network that has been established to bring together individuals from around the globe. Camsurf is a social network. Camsurf has helped to establish BILLION contacts since its launch in 2015 and is now the fastest increasing social app for foreigners! 

The fastest increasing random video chat site on the Web is Free Random Chat Camsurf and our brand new Android application lets you enjoy all the functionality of the web-based platform straight from your smartphone. Now you can immediately videochat with thousands of random foreigners globally using the webcam on your smartphone!

Camsurf is proud of its safety and protection of the users ' private data. There are no registration forms to fill out for the application to use. When chatting videos in a safe setting, you can be anonymous.

CamSurf is a spectacular video chat site that makes online finding and exploring new friends easy. The fact that CamSurf is highly moderated is one of the factors that make it different from other online video chat websites. This site does not allow its users, as it is a G-rated chat site, to get naked on their cam. This means that if you look for adulthood you will be banned. It also means you won't have to browse tons of naked individuals on the webcam. You can meet boys and girls from all over the globe on this site. You can even choose certain nations. You also have a smartphone application.

Camsurf user reviews:

Boy, aged 23

I think Camsurf definitely stands out to me because of how much it resembles a well-working app where you can meet real people. It is a few steps ahead of other chatting sites. Camsurf is great if you don’t want to just mess around and spend hours browsing different people doing weird stuff on webcam. As for me, I appreciate apps and social sites that are not fake. I want to talk to people and be social, I don’t want to jerk off or look at others, naked and playing with themselves. There are sites that are made specifically for this, honestly. I want to meet passionate people who are full of ideas and can teach me something new. I love to explore the world. It might sound vague, but I really am about depth and searching for that depth when it comes to the meaning of life. I have met some people online who really have dark minds and represent something that the masses fear the most. I like to explore these dark personalities and that’s how I develop my own. Life shouldn’t end at meeting all the same boring people over and over again. I’m glad that chatting sites such as Camsurf are really helpful when it comes to meeting strangers. Most of the people I meet remain strangers. I just cherish the moments and memorize the stuff they tell me. Anyone you meet can teach you something new and I believe that by meeting all sorts of people I can grow and become truly great.

Girl, aged 26

I must say my love life is dead. I thought I noticed some progress recently though. I’ve tried some dating apps like Tinder and they seemed to be working for a while. I went on a few dates, but it never went past 2-3 meetings with one person. I never got a chance to actually get to know someone. I didn’t date in high school and was too busy during my college years. Ok, I’m not a virgin, but let me just say that it’s a recent development and I have very little experience in this sphere. I thought nothing would change if I start using online chats, but I guess I became more patient. It’s very hard to meet people here and very hard to actually go out with someone. But this way I can kind of have a break and just meet different kinds of people. Camsurf is cool because it runs smoothly, is very convenient to use and there are a ton of users there every day. Now i know that I don’t need to catch up with anyone - I like to meet new people but I don’t want to stress about what will happen between us and how we are going to end up. I chat and I’m more relaxed - and someone even told me that I appear to be very confident and even careless. I took it as a compliment. I struggled with being able to just talk to someone or do something without worrying about the future. Now I go online and meet completely new people nearly every day. I can use the mobile app and just chat wherever and whenever. It’s good to just be able to relax and enjoy yourself! Camsurf has become my go-to random chat site.  

You can find random foreigners from around the globe at CamSurf to talk face-to-face. You can go from an alien to another on cam by pressing a button. You can chat for as much or as little as you wish, no restrictions and no restrictions!

It's really simple for you always have loads of individuals to chat with with with with thousands of customers online at any time. You can even only view consumers from certain nations so that the individuals you meet really are narrowed down. This facilitates meeting locals or individuals from nations you're most interested in. You won't have to pay for this service as a completely free chat setting.

So you can really appreciate your stay with ton of cool and helpful characteristics. Users will only be shown with active cameras in filters according to their location, and even text chat to people you meet if you don't want to speak. Everything is easy to understand and simple, so that you can take action straight away and don't have to worry about the tasks.

You can either chat by typing the text area or speak straight to the microphone / webcam if your microphone is activated. There's two methods you can interact with individuals you meet on CamSurf.


It is visibly and openly against cyberbullying and is a safe place especially for people who are battling mental illnesses and anxiety
Offers unique and revolutionary (as one of the first to upgrade) interface features and modes which make using the website easier and more pleasurable
Fast and able to handle a lot of users at the same time with no issues


It is relatively easy for users to be banned

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