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Chatiw is a chatting site that offers interesting advice.

It’s a free, anonymous and no needed registration!


  1. Chatiw

    Registered: Feb 04, 2013
    Online Chatters: > 500
    Mobile Friendly: Yes
    Video Chat: No
    Registration: No
    Alexa Rank: ~54000

    Its main focus seems to be dating, people can find singles in their area, as there is a button that can search and mark your location, so that you are paired with those who live nearby. You do not need to reveal who you are, you don’t need to register a profile, simply typing your preferred nickname is enough. Any discussion group you join can turn into a private conversation to which you can go to if you enjoy talking to a specific user.

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The chat lets you stay lowkey and reveal only what you want to reveal, you don’t need to show your face or say who you are and you can take it step by step, let the friendship hopefully develop into something more at its own pace and privately. ChatIW offers more features, such as articles about dating, online dating, very detailed and informative texts that can advise you on these complicated and sometimes stressful issues. You can learn about netiquette, find out how to talk to strangers to get a date, how to begin conversations with new people online or all the things that you should avoid doing when online. This chat gives you a lot of freedom in doing what you want to do, but it might quickly ban you for certain behaviors, so watch out. You should remember that people have different expectations and preferences, so be respectful and that gives you a higher chance of having people interested in talking to you. It’s guaranteed that you will find someone who matches your needs and wants. The nickname can and probably should be a bit flirty, as one of the chat’s articles advises. Stick to general requirements, stay polite and be relaxed too. Use their advice articles if you are feeling nervous. The conversations are private and this form of contact is the most effective chatting experience that you can have! There is always a lot of people online who are available and active anytime during the day or night.

How to use Chatiw?

The chat is available in different languages, but most of its users are from the United States. Some extended features are only available for VIP users. Their app, available on Google Play, might be a quicker option for you as it displays the stuff that is necessary. It’s a fun site that may mostly help you find casual talks with strangers and a lot of fun, so choose it if you are after those!

ChatIW is a chat that requires no registration and is completely free, being open to anyone who wants to join and asking them no questions. It’s simple and quick to start chatting.

Chatiw Front

If you are looking for a place online that won’t ask for your details, will let you chat freely and set your preference, someplace that’s text-based with additional features, then is definitely a chat for you!

Chatiw - Chatting

Your nickname could be your defining feature, something funny or a simple fact about you, but it can be a great beginning of the conversation!

You can share pictures with fellow users and stay in touch outside of the chat. ChatIW may be perfect for you if you are looking for anonymity and fun online. You can hide your identity under a nickname and begin chatting.

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ChatIW wants you to have fun and enjoy your time on their site. You are free to flirt and learn how to be comfortable around people who are looking for more or less casual relationships or simply conversations with strangers and the thrill of meeting new people and being flirted with. If everything is going well for you, soon you can exchange more details and stay in touch, maybe talk on video more and more frequently, eventually hopefully having a chance to speak face to face!


you can stay anonymous
no need to register or share your pictures or information
good for flirting and fun conversations
simple to use


won’t be useful if you are looking for serious relationships or friendships
relatively easily to be banned, even accidentally
some important features are only available for VIP users
you don’t really know who you are talking to - there is a number of bots and fake profiles

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