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Chatous provides an internet platform where you can meet

like-minded individuals and communicate with them.

Chat with strangers

Chatous: Meet new people online

Chat on Chatous

The anonymous application offers more privacy and reliability than standard social media networks, enabling users to censor data about themselves that they want to create public.

In 2012, Chatous was founded and began its existence. The business has grown significantly since then and today has a large number of its employees.  Chatous enables users to send text messages together with pictures. The video chat functionality is also mounted. You can always visit the FAQ page to solve your queries if you have difficulty understanding how to use the application. You can contact Chatous customer service if your questions are left unanswered.

Since it's a fairly fresh website, there are several individuals that allow you to speak to more individuals. It's not too crowded, however, as one message comes underneath another. Furthermore, after downloading the app, you can register for free here and don't have to shop.

This mobile app can take you nearer to individuals who share your interests if you value your privacy but still want to relate. With great cross-platform compatibility when providing and viewing messages, Chatous gives you the opportunity to chat with random individuals or fresh friends with comparable interests. The matching scheme of the app is very fundamental and includes the use of various hashtags. You can identify shared debate subjects and create common ground. In addition, you can send and obtain audio emails, pictures and even high-definition video calls from other customers once you download the software. Furthermore, Chatous comes with a intelligent, user-friendly interface that both computer whizzes and less tech-savvy can readily navigate.

You have the choice to build your own profile, upload a picture and write a brief description as far as confidentiality is concerned. However, it's up to you how much you want to disclose–there are several precautions in check to safeguard your identity and you can even alter your display name at any moment to prevent it from being searched. The profile will be synchronized with the primary website and notifications will be received in real time as shortly as your page is set up. You can also share with a easy icon tap any audio material, images and videos and distribute your favourite Youtube videos in chats.

Chatous is compatible with both iPhone and iPad devices, designed to assist you communicate with individuals from around the globe. You can also access the website from your desktop computer or stick to the mobile app, which is also synchronized to the internet platform for greater communication and compatibility opportunities. When it comes to linking with others, there is a certain drawback–the hashtag scheme has a few weaknesses. If your hashtag is out of popularity, it's hard to speak to individuals randomly. On the other hand, if the hashtag is very popular, then at the same time you become connected to too many people, and it’s not always good, especially when you are looking for people who share your views.

Chatous allows you to talk about the topics you care about with people around the world. Who you're going to meet never know! You can create interesting and genuine links through Chatous. Stay in contact with individuals with whom you like to talk and bring the chat to life through video chat and photo sharing.

Main features of this chat:

You can use #tags to locate and chat with like-minded individuals about anything you want  It’s easy protect your identity by anonymity or altering your screen name at any point-no search is possible!

Use Chatous on your mobile or desktop on chatous.com, so you can have access whenever you want.

Video chat and share pictures, videos, and audio messages, connect with strangers! Share pictures, videos and audio messages that disappear easily! Press the + icon to chat with a buddy - instant connection  Share preferred YouTube videos with your new friends.

How does the Chatous app work exactly?

The developers also worked to create an intelligent, interactive and easy interface for everyone. In other words, a profile can be created, picture uploaded and even a brief biography written. You'll be able to get real-time notifications when someone sends you a new message because it is synchronized with the main website. The app was created with the recent programming technology and is therefore ensured of high- definition video, picture, or audio messages you receive.

Interactive interface:

Users can easily and from anywhere in the world view friend profiles as long as their device is attached to the internet.

All of those moments you can purchase can be shared by just clicking on the + icon on your interface. As already stated, when watching and sending emails you will experience good cross-platform compatibility.

In contrast to other apps which restrict discussions of the type in which customers can participate, this one has no limit. You are therefore free to discuss and share anything as long as the rights of other users are not violated. As said on the site, you need to be at least 17 years old in order to start using the chat and app.

The developer has also added a function to share YouTube videos in a chat. It is also important to note that the number of chats in which you can participate at a time is not limited. You can also search for a friend or chat thread in lieu of scrolling through the entire database with a search function. Use hashtags and inform your friends about it to make your chat more popular so that you can also follow and participate in the discussion.

It doesn’t matter if you just want a casual discussion with a random individual, want to attempt online dating or are interested in discussing more severe issues with compatible individuals, Chatous is an interactive application that enables you to communicate with anyone, anywhere, with a easy tap. Look at our set of prons and cons of using Chatous:


- Web platform synchronized messages and conversation options 

- High-definition pictures and videos 

- Clear audio messages and chat linking alternatives 

- User-friendly, fundamental anonymity interface and protected identity, which is particularly relevant


- Internet access needed to use the site 

- Too few or too many users sometimes receive notifications

It's very simple to use Chatous. You only need to type in or register with a Facebook username. If you press and find a chat, it automatically links you to someone, you can alter your profile or name. It also has a function where you can discover and have a discussion about someone based on a comparable hashtag. So it's certainly the task to find a number of individuals with whom you can chat.

Like everywhere, here you can also stumble on some unpleasant users who will only care about what you look like. A lot of them could possibly attempt to sell nudes and videos to the mostly men. In addition, most people are here to chat and masturbate in nudes or video. This is not really an app to make friends or to talk properly. Too many people are going to transform it in a different way at the worst or flirting at best. The avatar is also people’s intimate parts of questionable videos and pictures. 

You need to talk to someone? Chatous is here for you. Are you looking for a location where you can get rid of all of your concerns and problems - if so, Chatous might work for you. A chat-like random website is just correct for this purpose. You can chat with strangers via live chat Websites and meet fresh individuals online without costs. There is plenty of room for all on these websites. You can even join and exchange texts and photos anonymously online with random strangers.

If you ask Chatous is secure, you understand that that depends completely on how you use the platform. The users say that the chat app is a visual application in which individuals want to look at the images of each other in a manner that kills anonymity altogether. Chatous internet version is not as easy to use as its mobile application version. There will be plenty of other locations to discover if you want an option for Chatous because it is boring or very hated. It is also a chat site aimed at connecting individuals from all over the globe. Want to find a chat page that has its own chat site and app? Chatous has it all so that you can use it wherever and any time.

Chatous - is it free or is there anything that you should pay for?

You have purchases for the phone app for this social networking site. Although this is great because it provides more characteristics, it is bad because the app is not totally free. It can be rather upsetting because you can't explore several characteristics of the app since you have to pay. Other live chat sites are also accessible with the same choices for sharing photos and chatting with the video. However, whatever chat app you join on the chat website, don't forget to be clever with the information you offer online.

The main addition to any chat setting is the capacity to communicate not just via texts but also via visual means, i.e. via video and voice calls. Users can now enjoy video and voice calling functions together with their colleagues in the chat with moderation.. This means that consumers must either be in the list of friends of each other or have both their conversations open. The measurement is only indicated if unwanted random calls are avoided.

Many of us live a true life suppressed. Chat Rooms prove to be an excellent way for many individuals to be relieved. Whether you're a teen, an adult, females, males or any age group, chat rooms have always been the ideal place to spend your time forgetting your sadness. It's very simple in an online chat room to learn fresh individuals and share your feelings. The anonymous feeling provides you the liberty to talk about anything in your core. Now begin chatting, your new friends are waiting for you, with just one click, with strangers. You can not deny the fun to talk to a totally unknown individual, i.e. a stranger. We also have the courage to share opinions and speak about things we don't generally talk with anybody when we meet a full stranger. Chatous site enables you to speak in a totally private discussion with strangers or if you want to have a big discussion that can also be accomplished. You can have a group discussion or a personal discussion with the accessible group and personal chat rooms.

Is dating online possible on a chatting site like Chatous?

Right now there are many dating sites on the Internet, but without trying for at least a week you can't depend on any locations. Paying a date can be risky most of the time since you can not be certain that you will actually get a date. There is no guarantee that you will have someone to love after you have paid the sum. In other words, you should try out the free dating sites like this, where you don't just have someone matching you, but you have a lot of people to choose from.

Random chatting with strangers is super easy - connect to new people instantly

We connect you to a random individual in a chat room. You can speak with a random stranger in a given nation or find a date in worldwide chat rooms from anywhere. Every dating chat room is fully free of charge. Chatous offers endless opportunities for internet socialization and meetings of new friends with unrestricted access to all chatrooms. Do not hesitate to test it and in no moment you will be excited and full of hope to meet the one. Free chat rooms are the real people who want to get to know and date online. To send a kiss to a beautiful person or admire the look of a girl with emojis from the day can convey your emotions. But things get very interesting in the chat rooms in video dating. You can see true faces from all over the globe and hear true voices. And the strongest weapon to date and flirt is your voice!

Instructions and How To - Using Chatous and making use of all features

Special matches are matches where you can select your match's age, sex and nation. Every day you get 3 special matches but you can unlock 10 more if you invite your contacts! Guests also unlock Avatar colors for your contacts! Then you can unlock the first row of colors if your Tweet or Invite your FaceBook friends! Tap the plus sign in the left upper corner of the chat to submit media. You now have the ability to send your camera pictures, videos, YouTube videos and pictures. Select the amount of sections to display when taping the clock in the upper correct corner to send the expiring picture. Tap the Infinity symbol if you don't want your picture to expire.

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