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Chatrandom is a video chat where you can meet people.

It’s a great chatroulette alternative site - instantly and easy.

Chat with strangers

Chatrandom: Free Random Video Chat

  1. chatrandom.com

    Registered: Jan 19, 2010
    Online Chatters: > 5000
    Mobile Friendly: Yes
    Video Chat: Yes
    Registration: No
    Alexa Rank: ~9500

    Chatrandom is a video chat that helps you find strangers to talk to by giving you all the options: you can choose them at random, pick the country or area you are most interested in, even the specific groups of people you might want to chat with – based on their sex or interests. It’s a popular webcam chat that lets you have your fun and look for something more serious, whether you have experience in similar websites or you are just interested in trying something new, after your daily boredom kicks in too much.

Chat on Chatrandom

Chat on Chatrandom 

Chatrandom video chatting helps you get over your shyness and is still more comfortable for some people than talking to others face to face. It gives a comfortable position while allowing to make better connections than with the people that only want to use text chat sites. However, this chatting app is complex and gives you the opportunity to send text messages, the combination of those ensures all the measures necessary to expand the groups of people that you are surrounded by. Instant random chat where you can meet people from USA, UK, Canada or other country in the comfort of your home.

You are a click away from opening the world full of random people ready to chat. It’s a great chatroulette alternative, a video chat site that has it all. Choose if you want the people to be from your town or the other part of the world. You can definitely widen your horizons and meet strangers who are just like you, random people who want to chat about what interests you both, or simply to have fun with each other. Use all the things that this online chat site offers you.

In 2013, Chatrandom might have been officially one of the most viewed and used chat sites. This is one of the most visited video chat locations, with over 20,000 customers online at any time. He has become famous for his gay chat, chat with women, chatrooms and various theme chats. The pack contributes in terms of safety with more characteristics than the initial Chatroulette. Real people track Chatrandom's chat activity and shut down illegal activities.

Moreover, ChatRandom is the only free chat site of its kind based on webcams. An inspired alternative to Chatroulette, Chatrandom provides a safer, easier, multi-dimensional format platform for random video chatting with strangers. Users must be 18 + and the website upholds strict terms of service for the customer. Users are worried about video chatting and can concentrate on meeting fresh individuals. Chatrandom has more than 250,000 daily customers, 8 + million monthly customers, and 21 billion— and counting connections.

Some main features of Chatrandom?

A lot of them are the things that you want in a random chat site: the site is free, you can chat with people from anywhere in the world, there are various more or less specific chat rooms that you are free to join, you can chat with others anonymously and also using a mobile app. There are different categories of the chat rooms that you can find on Chatrandom, so you can pick which group of people you would rather hang out with. 

Chatrandom offers a bit more - there are a few ways in which you can securely verify your identity or upgrade your account. Creating an account here is optional, but can really help if you want to engage in conversations with others instead of just hanging around and using the site because you are bored. You can register using your email, but also your Google or Facebook account - that makes it much more credible than some other chatting sites. The registration process is also free. 

A few advantages of signing up for an account here include:

you can get a VIP status, choose the gender of the people you want to talk to or people from certain countries. This might be a good idea if you feel like meeting real people and others also get a chance to get to know you better because there is a bigger chance that you are talking to real people. 

What are the chat versions of Chatrandom? 

There is a random chat that you can use. It’s the classic version of the chat, where you can surely find the most users. Technically you do find people at random - because they get assigned to you. But with an upgraded account, you can filter the genders that the people are or what countries they come from. You can narrow down your search, so if you are a girl who is just looking for another girl’s friendship and doesn’t want to be hit on, you can just search for girls and your problem will be solved instantly. 

You can join a variety of chat rooms. This is something typical for some online chats. It can describe your preference or your interest - if you are looking for hookups or love, join the chat room made for singles. If you want to make new friends, you might meet like-minded people in the friendly chat. There are also chats for other groups of people based on their sexuality, age level, education (college) or profession. One of the most used chat rooms is undoubtedly the gay chat, made for gay or bisexual people. They can be themselves there, chat or see each other on webcam and enjoy their time in a gentle, inviting and open environment. 

How to use Chatrandom?

Chatrandom is a cool instant video chat that connects with strangers very smoothly and quickly.

This omegle alternative gives you the option to choose a specific country in which you want to find interesting people online.

How to use Chatrandom - location filter

You can limit your search to be able to chat with women only, chat with men or to find couples. This way you can effectively meet the people that you are most interested in. Chatrandom works as a chatroulette alternative site which offers a fast and effective connection with new friends online.

How to use Chatrandom - gender filter

Moreover, it doesn’t limit itself to a browser version - you can use it on other devices, chat on your phone or tablet. Go to Google Store on the bottom of the Chatrandom website and find how to download the app. You can browse through different people and pick the person that seems interesting to you.

How to use Chatrandom - swipe right

The chat has unique features which make the chatting experience even more entertaining. You can enter a random chat and talk to strangers from all around the world. It is one of the sites like omegle which give you a chance to just meet people at random, whoever the chat assigns you to chat online. You can choose between a text chat and a video chat - either type your messages or enable a webcam with a microphone. One features that stands out is their gay chat, this random chat room lets you talk to random gay man on camera. The webcam chat is what chatrandom is famous for and that’s why the chatroulette site is visited by so many users every day. Additionally, this random chat lets you enter a cam4 video chat. This is a cam chat where you can talk to each other in a group of 4 people.

Chat with strangers online and meet new people - this is a great omegle site for this. It is very easy to use. Chatrandom has been constructed and intended as a convenient website for users. It has simple button and word fonts to navigate websites easily. There are more than 20 languages available for selection. It has a fast search connection and fast webcam feature for other customers globally. When you press the start button, the internet customer you are looking for will chat with immediately, and the webcam of your computer will also automatically be activated. There will be a pop-up box requesting your webcam approval. However, if you like, you can switch off your live streaming video. In seconds, all functions of the site can be enabled. Chatrandom is extremely user-friendly and very easy to read. It’s simple to get around the website. It also comes in a lot of different languages, so you can really count on a very international experience.

Chatrandom user reviews:

Girl, aged 25

I’m a newly single girl. It was hard to become open to the outside world again. After my breakup, I felt really heartbroken and being around people seemed hard. I was going to work and after I would just get home and do nothing, lie in bed, get online and do literally nothing. I did visit Chatrandom once, eventually, and it was an uplifting experience. I logged in quickly and started chatting. There were plenty of real people there and most of them were very normal. I wasn’t looking at guys specifically, I wanted to meet everyone. My priority was to just meet friends or talk to someone, anyone, because sitting alone in silence was kind of suffocating me. I did meet nice people so I decided to try it out some other time as well. It gave me some hope that maybe there are still good people out there! Now i go to Chatrandom a few times a week. I met some people - boys and girls, some from my area, most of them from abroad. I added a few of them on Facebook and now we stay in touch. I plan on visiting some of them during the summer when I go on my holiday. I like to visit new countries, usually once or twice a year, so meeting them gave me an idea to visit their countries and actually meet them in person. I can say that I don’t regret going on Chatrandom, I made some good friends. I still haven’t met the right person to date there, but maybe it’s just a matter of time. I feel like I’m almost ready to start dating again, especially in a long-distance kind of way. I don’t know if it’s even possible but I feel brave now that I found that the Internet isn’t filled with only creepy people who won’t to expose themselves to you. Wish me luck and try it out yourself!

Boy, aged 18

I went on Chatrandom one time with two of my friends. We wanted to look at some girls, talk to them, maybe get them to show more! To our disappointment, it was really hard to find real girls there. Most of them weren’t interested in anything, but we still met mostly guys. A lot of them were either naked or touching themselves, that was pretty gross. I know those chats all say that they are against this kind of behavior, yet you still see it everywhere on those sites. After that night, I tried using it alone a few times. And I did find some girls who were kind of interested in me or showing some stuff. Maybe it’s not ideal for dating, but, depending on the night and your luck, you can have some fun there. I didn’t meet any friends, but got some contact info of a few girls so we could chat later. I’m not really looking for romance or a relationship, but who knows? I already met more girls who were into me than I did for 3 years of school. I don’t have much experience, but it was nice that I could feel wanted for a bit. I’m trying to enjoy myself while I’m young and this is a fun site. I know how to spot someone shady, I don’t give away my info, I even made up a different name. Unfortunately, it is true that you need to be careful online and you never know who is on the other side of the screen. 

  A mobile application is supplied to Android users by Chatrandom. You can download the app free of charge from the Google Play Store. In contrast to the desktop or internet variant which you can access without registering, the mobile application needs registration so you can chat with others. Don't worry, it's always free. Besides registering, the mobile app can find everything on the internet version. The design of the Chatrandom app is really appropriate for its video chat feature. Details such as icon and text buttons are tiny to give their users a broader and clearer picture during video chatting.

One interesting perk of Chatrandom is that there are many users who come from countries other than the most popular English-speaking countries. Countries with the most users include Italy, India, the United States, Germany, France and United Kingdom. Even the numbers show that it’s an international chat. You can practice new languages, spend time with strangers who can give you tips about their countries, their habits and maybe even holiday ideas for trips! Having international friends makes your life fuller and more interesting. 

Like many similar chatting sites, Chatrandom offers a variety of free or paid features. The free ones include, for example, being able to register and join a chat room, using a video chat with your microphone and webcam, sending and receiving messages from other users and reporting those users who act in unsafe and threatening ways. Some extended features that require you to sign up using your credit card consist of joining a chat room where you can chat with girls, choosing what gender you would prefer to talk to, view people from a wider selection of countries and being able to go back to your previous action if you accidentally clicked on the wrong button.

It is advised to use a webcam here, but you can easily just use the text chat. What's the Cam4 chat? The service is multi-chat, where you can chat on video concurrently with four users. Every user has their own chatbox, so that you can talk to them individually.  Click the My Account tab and press Delete My Account to delete your account. The website will e-mail you a connection to confirm the deletion of your account. The desktop and mobile versions both contain all the video chat functions of Chatrandom. People come from nearly everywhere in the globe. All you have to do is to ask for your private data. The only details you can see during your chat are their sex and their nation. 

The communicating functions of Chatrandom are, without a doubt, really effective. It is highly commendable to have tens of thousands of customers a day. The fact that most individuals want to and look for is to link with other individuals instantly. You can expect from Chatrandom a user-friendly interface and a straightforward yet functional display. The difficulty here, however, is that consumers are secure? Garanties the Website for all its customers and visitors a secure and violent free society? Misconducts are currently extremely widespread on all social media platforms, but worse still, these misconducts can be anonymized. No registration function of Chatrandom could be useful for some but that allows other people to join, those who want to stay anonymous for all the bad reasons. As it often happens with online chats, it might actually be difficult to find dates here. Chatrandom is fun and more organized than some other chats. Enter to see if this is something for you!


Very popular and used by a lot of different people
You can choose who you are looking for (including couples) and from what country
Very enjoyable when someone is looking specifically for gay men or girls (select ‘Cam Girls’ for this)


The content might turn out to be too explicit for some
Fake accounts and people exposing themselves

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