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The website has thousands of chat rooms, with a variety of subjects.

The employees are all developed.

Chat with strangers

Chatzy: Meet Friends in chat rooms

Chat on Chatzy

Chatzy wants to be an option to other social networking and message applications, such as Facebook and Skype. It has a fast logging process that facilitates the creation of an account for everybody. It does not request any private data. All you must do is provide an e-mail address that works and you can begin talking to foreigners anonymously.

Chatzy is a excellent alternative site to Facebook, Yahoo Chat, Skype and other messaging systems because: Chatzy has no registration measures-your friends can join Chatzy immediately and Chatzy does not have pop-up ads, Chatzy does not need Flash or a single setup of your laptop (= no spyware). Chatzy is a free personal chat service that you can use to contact persons you know or visitors to your blog or website. With Chatzy you can rapidly and easily build a chatroom and submit e-mail invites. There is no need for registering. Chatzy began an experiment in 2001 by several Internet experts with a variety of full-time jobs, but since then has become an engaged tiny organisation based in Europe. Please see our Terms of Use for legal information on Chatzy.

Quick Chats and Virtual Rooms

They're both essentially free. The main differences are: You can set up a chat room and send invites so fast and easily as you would generate a periodic email. However, after it is started you can not indicate room passwords or modify the chat characteristics (for instance title / subject).

The Virtual Room offers many additional possibilities. By e-mail address, by password and personalized welcome messages can you set permissions, enable / disable functions and many more. In addition, whenever you want you can alter all characteristics (e.g. title).

In the first place, Chatzy was a chat system in real time, but could also be used as a straightforward blog or message board. To do this, however, ensure that you generate a virtual room. A frequently used chatroom will remain open for ever. Chat rooms not changed (written to) within 14 days can be removed for space saving on our system. This shouldn't be an issue, because if you want to chat again you can always establish a fresh chat room.

Premium rooms will remain open for at least 6 months after the last use (our paid subscription). If they are frequently changed, they will remain open for ever.

Inviting people to join your chat - who can you talk to?

Go to the front page, enter the name, an e-mail address or e-mail address for a chat topic and an invitation. Then we will immediately send an email invite. You can also send invites from a chat room directly by clicking on "invite guests" above the page and completing the appearing form.  Note that if the room is open to unregistered users, a prohibited visitor may enter under another name again and you can not reliably prohibit or silence individuals.

Select the suitable option in the "Allow Enter" box under Room Properties to avoid unregistered customers from entering your room.

Otherwise, you can automatically select Silence Newbies.

Chatzy had been intended to work without the registration of the customers. However, the customers who confirm their e-mail address have some advances: as a registered user, there is a "My rooms" list, which automatically save all rooms to which you have entered, created or invited.

The following moment you come back for each of your spaces, preferences like name and color are saved.

You can configure invites, for example, to no longer send you invites or to only registered users.

You can enter spaces where only people with a confirmed email can be entered by the proprietor.

It requires only one minute to register, so what are you waiting for?

But Chatzy appears to be somewhat too easy to use. It enables non-members if they want to go to any chat room. We don't want to think about it, but even if they don't have the purest intentions it's quite available. It's fast and simple to sign up for Chatzy. You can already appreciate most characteristics of the site with only a valid e-mail address. It may also be possible to register using Facebook, Microsoft, Google+ or LinkedIn. In reality, it's not really essential to register. Non-members can join government chat rooms and send other people private messages. 

The community does not receive any fundamental or personal data from its employees. This enables you to anonymously join chat rooms. Members don't have to upload a photo so that you can't understand what your chatmates are like. The best way to get to understand someone personally is through a private message to give him / her your contact information. However, beware. Be cautious. Your priority should remain online dating security.

If there's a website in Chatzy that can be called, it includes only your preferences. You can select how to recognize you on this page. The skin of your page (internet interface) may be personalized as well. Here is a study of how many chatrooms you've created and entered. All other significant accounts and web-sets, the page utilization statistics are available.

You can begin by looking for individuals you can chat with, and share your stories by going to the "Find more rooms" tab and type the subject you are interested in. Which type of space you may be looking for has no restrictions, but you might want to be as accurate as possible.

The site not only enables you to enter an current chat room, but enables you to develop one for yourself and to personalize it. The website is always free.

Some chatrooms do not allow newbies to join the interaction with the society at once. If that occurs, you can tell a moderator to allow you to take part in the discussion.

If you are interested in saving your rooms, register for Chatzy an account so you can unlock the function to maintain a list of individuals you want to contact. This allows you to return readily to the chat rooms you have entered earlier.  For an online chat it's a rather new and surprising characteristic, because generally they concentrate on the anonymity of everyone, but you have a opportunity to get to know your new friends.

Premium options - what features does it include?

Chatzy's Premium User and Room premium have two distinct premium schemes. The choice of a subscription depends on your preferences. You must use the User premium option if you focus more on the characteristics you want to experience as customer. However, if you want advanced functions for a room you run, go to the premium room option. If you wish, you can also sign up for both plans.

Price alternatives are not that expensive for premium upgrades. Each premium subscription provides various kinds of commitments that are appropriate for everyone. Premium upgrades are not mandatory, just might be nice to use for additional features.

- There are plenty of features you can use for free! Here is a useful list:

- Send chat posts to users and individuals in a chat room 

- Keep a list of rooms that you've generated 

- Manage a list of rooms that you've produced 

- Have a List of all rooms that you've entered 

- Use unique chat instructions 

- Use an emoji library to customize your profile

- Some features that require you to pay for them consist of:

- Fast chat, no timeouts 

- Unlimited lists 

- HTTPS privacy 

- Limited numbers of individuals in a room 

- Private messages between all persons 

- No advertisement 

- Full chat history 

- Custom room URL Built-in on your site 

- Unlimited access to you in all rooms 

- Private messages to and from everybody

No mobile app, but the desktop version works smoothly…

Chatzy has yet to make an application version of the website, particularly if the website publicly adversely promotes itself as a Facebook or Skype option. The website has a nice portable version and has a display option to edit your display settings. You can notice that you can not zoom in or zoom out of the site page when you are using the Mobile App.

The interface of the mobile site is quite comparable to the desktop. It's old and fundamental that way that takes you back when you have dial-up links. The mobile site is fairly functional, despite the prehistoric interface. Compared to the desktop, it provides an easier chat experience. The website is also well adapted on the mobile screen, with the exception of the 'My Rooms' section where the information of the chatroom must be scrolled sideways. 

The portable version can also be customised as another nice thing. You can therefore alter the skin as you wish. The application enables you to alter colors or images of your background, default font style and others.

Chatzy certainly understands how to create more vibrant chat rooms. Most of his unique characteristics make it fun and enjoyable for you to chat space. It also has helpful characteristics which can assist managers and moderators to efficiently operate their chat rooms. You will be able to add the 'Visitor Status' to the following list of unique characteristics: When you attend the Chatzy space, you can add a' visitor status.' If you hover over your icon in the visitor pane or type into these instructions, you can alter your position:

/status  This upgrades your status online.

  /away  This lets you personalize a message and let people know what you are doing or when you're going to be back.

/leaving  This causes you to leave the chatroom while leaving everybody with a message so they understand you are not there.

Chatzy is all for making meaningful connections with others

Chatzy lets you send personal emails to employees other than your room administrator that nobody else can see. Locally Saved Messages is the list of all your private messages obtained from all your rooms. These emails can only be displayed locally in your browser. They can be displayed under My Messages.

Chatzy is very good at fulfilling its objective. The conversations are private and fluid. It takes just a few seconds from the moment a user logs in, to the point where he or she is able to have a live chat room. Chatzy is an excellent instrument to turn the brainstorming sessions into a fresh one. It is also possible to print a transcript in a save / print function for subsequent use. Privacy is a non-existent issue as every fresh chat room is given a single URL that is only available to guests.

In times of Internet dial-up, it feels like an old-school chat room and is very user-friendly, which enables you in private or public Chat rooms to spread pictures, videos or texts. Chatzy does not appear to be much present on the brand and the design and development of the platform is not instantly evident. The brand has a Twitter account but it doesn't seem to be regularly updated, and online developers don't get much data. Chatzy seems to depend on word of mouth advice from today's customers and his reputation as a famous chat room platform to increase its client base.

One of Chatzy's best stuff is that chatting is really fast and simple. No registration is needed and creating your own personal space requires seconds. You will have to register with or log in to your social media account if you want to sign up for the premium service. If you want to send feedback to Chatzy assistance, registration is necessary too.

Two premium membership choices are available: premium user or premium room subscription. Premium user applies only to you in any room you're visiting; while premium room provides all users premium status in one room. The premium user is probably the best option for the two if you don't operate their own rooms. There are no advertisements, faster chat updates, no time after a single hour of inactivity, unlimited lists and an encrypted connection. This provides you unlimited access and unlimited personal emails.

Global posts are like personal posts. The distinction is that worldwide messages are forwarded to all employees of the room. By default, worldwide messages can only be sent by room administrators and moderators. You can alter your room settings if you wish to allow everybody to send worldwide emails if you are the room administrator. The' room board' is the little text on the top of the chat room that you can see. This may be a moveable text or a given text with a message or a memorandum on a room regulations. If you have a premium space you can alter the board settings as often as you like.

Chatzy is fun and worth your time, whether you need to find dates or just friends

Chatzy is a desktop chat platform that is compatible with all significant browsers, and a portable version of the site also exists, although there have been some problems with its functionality and pace. Android is also available, but no iOS app is still available–poor news for iPhone users! The website's desktop version provides the richest feature, simple to load and navigate. The Android app lacks notices and some users report that when it's in chatrooms it's difficult to type.

The layout and design of Chatzy feels a bit dated. The smooth, low-end design of the platform recalls traditional, oldschool chat rooms, but it is very simple to navigate and see where the click should take place. Wherever you need to go, whether you're sending feedback to Chatzy or searching for government spaces, your left-hand menu will take you. Everything loads quite fast and without Flash, it is simple to start chatting and create your own chatrooms on the desktop site, without need to download software. The app is a bit more smart and notifications are provided.

Some cons:

Some users said that chat invitations don't always achieve the desired destination. This implies that when you invite individuals to chat, you have to share your personal chat room URL. The chat room is not the nicest place to go and feels like a glimpse into the days of internet dial-up. The design is very straightforward and has no scratches and there are no choices to adapt to your tastes.

Chatzy Info:

One region that allows this trusted chatroom platform to be broadened is the Chatzy customer service. While a comprehensive FAQ list is available with useful knowledge packages containing all the data you need to use the platform, there is no clear way to contact the assistance. You can choose to send feedback, but you must be a registered user and it is not apparent how quickly Chatzy is to answer customer assistance requests. It's not instantly clear how to contact the Chatzy assistance if you are having problems, although a developer email is available on the Google Play Store's Android app download page.

Summary of Chatzy

Chatzy is a very nice reason to be one of the famous chat platforms. It is 100% free and fast and simple without registering to start chatting.  Chatzy allows you to develop and moderate your own personal chat rooms. You can share anything here, including pictures and videos for adults. You get started quickly and easily because you don't even have to register. Chatzy is 100% free, although advertisements are available. There is the choice of two distinct premium membership rates at a low price if you want to upgrade.

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