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Differences between talking to people online
and in real life.

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  1. Differences between talking to people online and in real life.

    Conversations between people are always basically the same, regardless of the form of contact they use. It’s always important to ask questions, to listen and not ignore what the other person is saying, to respect each other and, ideally, keep it going for as long as we want! But there are some differences between chatting with people online and in reality, some of which make it much easier to do it on the Internet, texting - through social media or chats like Ome TV - or, for those who prefer this form - video chatting.

  2. Using text chats removes the issue that can occur when you accidentally interrupt the other person when they’re talking. Some of us can have the tendency to do it maybe a bit too often, because we’re excited to say something or don’t want to forget. Sometimes people can try to shift the conversation so that they are the ones saying more than the other person. This doesn’t have to be malicious - especially when you like the person you’re talking to. But texting people you don’t know yet might be a good option to find some common ground, get to know each other, and then perhaps switch to using video chats with them.

    Chatting with someone while standing right next to them, being with them in person, can be exciting, can give you some closeness and intimacy, and a chance to observe the other person’s gestures and movements. You can do so through video chats if the person doesn’t live close to you or if it’s someone new - or if you want to meet somebody new and you don’t limit yourself to just those in your vicinity. Chats make it easier and allow to do similar things to reality, just in a different way.

    Texting helps you also follow the topic of the conversation - everything is written down so you can’t forget what you already said. It also limits the possibility of being misunderstood, in any way. No one can change your words once they’re written. Also, if the language you’re using with the new person isn’t your first, and you don’t practice it much, you will feel comfortable using it in writing if talking isn’t something you want to do yet. And then once you want to start practicing it, as before, you can turn to video chats. Of course if you’re talking to someone in real life you are kind of forced to use it in speech, but online you can take it at your own preferred pace. Writing doesn’t contain gestures that accompany your words, sarcasm and different tones aren’t as clear - sometimes not visible at all. But that lets you chat with the other person and exchange information and not have to worry about saying something the wrong way.

    You can combine text and video chatting on Ome TV. After all, human gestures and expressions exist for a reason and they make the conversation and the whole interaction more interesting and appealing to both. This way your words will get to the other person and even if you live far away it can feel like you are actually a lot closer. Human contact in the real world is the ideal that many people strive to have - but those in long-distance relationships, strangers, lonely people looking for someone who will understand them, those who have been friends for years but never had the chance to meet rely greatly on different forms of chats to stay in touch with other people.

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