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Do’s and don’ts - Omegle

Chatting online can be a fun adventure if you are into it!

Show the girls you’re talking to that you are an interesting man - here are the best ideas!

Chat with strangers

  1. Do’s and don'ts - Omegle

    What is okay to do while chatting with people on Omegle? What things should you avoid doing and what behaviors in others should you look out for and be cautious about? We will try to look at highlights of those in the following article.

  2. 1. Ask the person you’re talking to questions about them

    Just like in real life, if you’re talking to someone you don’t know it’s best to ask questions to fill the empty space. You will then figure out who they are and what they like and you can find some shared topics.

    2. Send them pictures, emojis, videos about things they might take interest in

    By that we understand no nude or violent things, but funny memes, something that you know the other person won’t be offended by. It might be hard to know those things at first, but in that case you should withdraw from sending controversial content as well, until you talk some more. There is no need for you to send pictures or videos of yourself if you are not comfortable showing your face to them just yet. Sending interesting content can give you topics to talk about and to bond over - especially if you end up finding out that you share the same sense of humor.

    3. Be polite and respectful

    Just like the previous point, that means no name-calling, mean comments and making fun of others - you might not necessarily get banned for it, but it seems pointless to be rude to someone you don’t know, if they are doing you no harm or offending you.

    4. Respect other people’s choice to stay anonymous

    Some people might be shy or prefer to just text others - as long as the conversation appears to be okay and not suspicious do not try to force others to disclose their identity or do something they are not comfortable doing - understand that people might be looking for different things than you.

    5. That works the other way too - if someone comes across as strange and possibly dangerous, do not continue the conversation.

    Omegle lets you browse through different people to talk to, so make use of this option. Disconnect if you are not enjoying the conversation you are having with someone or if you feel pressured by them.

    6. If you find someone interesting, keep talking to them

    You might find that you both like the same computer game - ask them to play with you. Let them teach you something new. Ask a question that you were wondering about for years. Not every person you meet online needs to end up being your best friend, but it can always give you some kind of fun time. Enjoy the moment and maybe you will end up talking to them for the next few years, eventually visiting them in their hometown. But for now enjoy spending time with a nice person.

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