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What is 4Strangers?

4Strangers is a site that provides links and information about different popular chatroulette sites. They range from text to video chats, focus on different demographics, offer varying features, but they are all commonly used by people all around the world. You can also find interesting articles and ‘how to’ texts, forums and much more.

How do I use 4Strangers?

Every chat site has an icon on the homepage - click on it to be redirected to the chat’s official page and a site where you can see the chat’s statistics, basic information, rating and texts describing its features, pros and cons, and articles.

How to use the chats displayed on the 4Strangers page?

Simply click on each chat’s icon and you will be redirected to the chat’s main page, where you can use it freely! You can also find a clickable list of all of them in the top right corner.

What do I do if I have questions or need help with something?

You can scroll down to the very bottom of the page where you will find a ‘contact us’ link - click on it and tell us what we can help you with.


Are chats on 4Strangers free to use? Do they require registration?

You can find all the information on each chat’s homepage. Generally, all our chats are free to use. Some give you additional features that you can pay for if you want to use them. Some ask you to create a casual profile - usually you can pick a nickname and add any picture you want. Some let you optionally add more if you like - write about your interests, preferences, age and nationality, let others get to know you. But all our sites let you stay anonymous if that’s what you prefer.

How can I connect to people online?

The chats on our site are easily accessible, most are very easy to use - click on the main button that allows you to start chatting and get connected!

What are the ways I can chat with people online?

Chats let you use windows with text chats - message the people you are talking to, send them emojis or photos. Most chats are video chats which don’t require a webcam - you can only connect your microphone. If you connect your webcam, you can see the other person if their webcam is on as well.

Why can’t I see the person I’m talking to? Why can’t they see me?

You might need to download or update your webcam settings and then enable it. The other person might have the same problem or they may not have a webcam.

Why did I get disconnected? Is there a way to get back in touch with the person I was talking to?

You might be experiencing connectivity issues, servers might be too busy, maybe the other user has disconnected or pressed ‘skip’ on you, it might even happen by accident. If you didn’t manage to get the person’s details like their social media profile, name or any other way you can contact them, some websites have main chat rooms or message boards where you can write about the person you found and then lost, and hope that they will get back to you there.

Are all chat rooms private?

Some sites offer public chat rooms, which focus on different groups of people based on their hobbies or who they are. But every chat on our site lets you have private conversations with other people - some let you go through different people and meet them at random, some let you choose the ones you find interesting and invite them to have private chats.


Who can access chats on 4Strangers?

Most chat sites are available for people who are at least 18 years old. However, some can be used by people who are 13 or older, but they need to have permission from their parents.

How can I stay safe when using online chats?

Do not give out your personal information to people unless you know who they are. Some details that can help identify you should not be shared with others at all. Do not post pictures of yourself that you wouldn’t want others to see. Remember that your words or actions also count online, watch out for your own behavior - be respectful.