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Finding dates through ChatSpin

Not everyone is looking for dates when they’re using ChatSpin. You can find

people to date online - single boys and girls are waiting for you!

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  1. Finding dates through ChatSpin

    Not everyone is looking for dates when they’re using ChatSpin. Some people are just bored and don’t really care about their audience, some of them are lonely and want to talk to anyone, but some might be open to different options, so if you hit it off, going out is not out of the question.

  2. You’ve been talking for a while now, you know a little bit about each other, the person lives kind of nearby - is it time to ask them out? If it feels like you might want to meet them in real life, you should try your luck. If the person lives very far, it’s a different issue. This still doesn’t make it impossible to see each other, but you may have to plan it ahead - perhaps one of you can spend their holiday somewhere close to where the other person is located. The bigger the distance, the riskier it is, what if it doesn’t work out and the holiday is already planned? The person doesn’t need to be your primary focus, but you can include seeing them in your itinerary - the holiday won’t be wasted either way and even a two-week fling can be an interesting experience, so maybe it’s worth a try?

    However, let’s assume that the person lives close or at least in the same country (unless it’s the US, since the distances are bigger). ChatSpin can work very well as a dating app. It depends on your preference for first dates - is it better to see a movie, go for a walk or dinner? Choose what you think you feel more comfortable with and casually ask if, for example, the person has seen the new horror movie they’re showing, or, if you know their favorite type of food, if they’ve been to a restaurant that serves it. Alternatively, ask them for their recommendations regarding food or movies and then ask if they would like to go with you to check them out. Both sides will know it’s a date, but it doesn’t have to be that official. After all, the focus is on getting that new experience, so if you’re not getting along you can just see each other this one time and then be done. It might be good to let the person know that you feel like you didn’t click - something which people don’t do that often, but it might save you a lot of trouble and stress.

    If your first date was a success, you can carry on. During the meeting you probably talked, shared some things and most importantly felt what it was like to be with each other. If you had a nice time, you can mention it during the date and figure out a plan for meeting again. Maybe there is another thing you can attend together or you feel comfortable enough that you can figure it out when you’re together next time.

    But if neither of these options works for you, if the distance is too huge, who says you can’t just have a date on video? There are plenty of options, you can watch a movie, at the same time but in different places. Maybe you can use your phones and go for a walk, each in their place of residence. You can play many games online or on consoles. As long as you count it as a date, it can be a date. And then, just as much as any other form of dating, this can move forward and let you start a relationship.

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