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How to chat online?

The pretty girl on the other side of the screen can be your girl - her looks and personality

are one of a kind, appreciate it, let her know you’re into her!

Chat with strangers

  1. How to chat online?

    If you meet someone who caught your eye, both in terms of their appearance and personality, you’re a getting a good impression from what they appear to be like, you should try to lead the conversation in the desired direction. Whether you’re looking for a relationship or just casual fun, regardless of where the person lives - in the same town or another country. Here are some tips for you, how to chat online on sites like camsurf.

    If you want to date someone, do not stress out - keep it simple and casual. You can’t predict the results, so start with getting to know that person and seeing what reaction you are getting, if they are equally into you or not so much. Since it’s someone new, simply asking ‘what’s up?’ might be too general. If you don’t know what you’re going to say after or what things to talk about, think about it. It’s better if you have an excuse and a particular reason to contact them, it will help you feel more confident. Do not stick to serious topics - you don’t need to talk about anything specific at the beginning. If you say something jokingly instead of giving the actual information, it might make the mood more playful and casual, leaving a lot of room to your creativity and wittiness.

    It might be perfectly enough to exchange a few pleasantries at first, ask about their mood, job or school, but then you should get into more specific territories. If a subject comes up, continue talking about it and connect it with some stories that you thought you could mention. Limit the small talk - this will not make you stand out in the other person’s eyes.

      Joking a lot, but sticking to what’s appropriate, at least at first when you’re not sure what the other person likes and what they disapprove of, will create a more relaxed mood. If everything works out for you two, you will get more time to tell them about your high school memories or your funny family stories. Let them know you can be hilarious, but if they want to share something deep with you - keep your humor to a minimum, if that’s what the situation calls for.

    If you share a hobby (or a few) you can joke about the stuff that’s relevant to your interests. You can send them memes that they will understand and laugh at. If you’re getting along, those will be signs that you should give each other a chance, because you might have a connection.  

    If you are writing messages and texts to each other, do not underestimate the importance of using the right emoticons. It is considered nice and can warm the other person’s heart if you send them smiling or kissing emojis - many people treat it pretty seriously! Make use of this tool and don’t forget to frequently add it to your messages.  

    Keep it going if you see that it’s going well and you’re getting a positive response. You can try to spice it up a bit and flirt a bit more, compliment them or talk about some activities for you to do together. Give them some kind of sign that you want them to be more or that you’re attracted to them, depending on what you’re after - fun or stability.

    If you run out of things to say, don’t abandon the conversation, especially if you were getting a good response. Be the one to finish it, add a few enticing words or a playful emoji. If it’s going well, do not give up. Either way don’t give up - keep trying and working on it, maybe they are the one?

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