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How to chat with guys?

Men like women who know what they want - play a game with them, tease and let them

respond to your suggestions! Be in charge and feel like a queen trying to seduce him.

Chat with strangers

  1. chat with guys

    Many people think that online chats are filled with mostly men and it’s difficult to find a girl there to talk with. But the most popular chats focus on providing enough users of both sexes and it seems to be a successful strategy. But if you are looking for a man to talk to - something that should technically be the easier task - whether you are a boy or a girl, it does take some skill to get to know someone and stay in touch with them.

  2. You need to highlight the option that says that you are looking to talk to men. Finding some men shouldn’t be a problem, but if you want to chat, you need to start it. If you’re a girl it might be more difficult for you since guys can automatically assume that they should flirt with you. Even if you’re looking for a relationship or to have fun with someone online, begin by asking them some basic questions. Find out where they’re from, their age, maybe their occupation or simply what they like to do. If someone tries to suggest to perform sexual activities together or talk about explicit topics and you feel uncomfortable doing it, do not do it. If they don’t understand your rejection or decide not to listen to you, disconnect and look for someone else who is looking for and expecting the same things as you.

    As with everyone, do not be mean or make potentially hurtful comments. If you think a boy is unattractive or uncool, do not say it to them to belittle them and feel better. Just because you’re behind a computer screen doesn’t mean that the reaction to your words won’t be the same as it would be if you were talking face to face. Be polite and understanding. If a person is shy and lacks confidence or openness, do not pressure them to talk that much. Be patient if you like this person and they seem like they could get along with you. If you are not interested in continuing this conversation, just tell them and then move on to look for other people whose friendship suits you more. Being respectful but knowing your limits and being able to get your words across are key things in every human relationship, even between you and newly-acquainted strangers from online chat rooms.

    Many boys might feel pressured to appear tough, confident, strong and like they think that they are better than others. You might want to make them feel like they can talk to you and be honest with you. If you listen to what the boy you’re chatting with says, show interest in his emotions and difficult stories and memories, he might view you differently already, like you are genuine and can offer him a lot of support. Many people go online to talk to someone who doesn’t know their story, so they can get all their emotions off their chests. But if the boy you found online is outgoing and happy, but still kind, you do not need to bring him down just so you can get him to talk about personal stuff. Whatever kind of person you are okay with, pursue them in the way that fits your expectations. Do not be afraid to let them go if things are not working out. At first, online relationships and friendships are still much more flexible and less casual than the real-life ones.

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