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How to chat with people older than you?

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Chat with strangers

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    Befriending people who aren’t your age isn’t all that different - most rules of how you should act remain the same. But you might experience different feelings and have a whole new approach, completely involuntarily. If you’re having a conversation with someone younger, you might assume they know less, they’re more careless and inexperienced than you, and you can bring the world closer to them and share your wisdom. And when you’re talking to someone who’s older, all of a sudden you become that less experienced person. But this doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. See how to talk to people on sites like chatrandom a few years your senior.

  2. 1. Approach them with confidence, but not with arrogance

    It’s true that you should respect those who respect you, regardless of their age. If an older person is polite, you should respond with politeness. Don’t think that you know less once you learn their age - age might equal experience, but you have certainly been through something that they know very little about. Keep in mind that you should feel like you’re on the same level with them - if that’s not the case and you feel like they’re talking down to you, there is no need to continue the conversation.

    2. Don’t make fun of them for being different than you

    An older person might feel out of place using online chats and be aware of other people’s surprised reactions to learning about their age and seeing their face. You don’t need to assume that they are obviously less cool than you are. Many people dismiss their parents’ attempts to spend time with them when they’re teenagers, but they crave that attention and time when they get a few years older - and they suddenly realize their parents might be their best friends - cool friends. Explain what the person you’re chatting with doesn’t get and don’t assume things to soon - older people may understand you better than people your age for many reasons.

    3. Let them teach you if they want to help

    If older people are stereotypically more mature and less emotional than people in their teens - tell them about your problems. Ask how to solve some issues, how to get over a breakup or what to do with your future. They have most likely been through what you might currently be experiencing - and perhaps they want to make some stuff easier on those who are anxious about those issues. Someone’s age shouldn’t intimidate you - after all, a younger person might as well turn out to be more close-minded than a stereotypical adult who is supposed to be less willing to listen to those who want to share their controversial opinions.

      The usual rules apply here - don’t fill the conversation with content that they might not appreciate. If you want to flirt and bring it to another level with this person, do it carefully and try to understand what the other person is feeling and what is appropriate, and what might just get them to say goodbye (or even say nothing) and end the conversation - or simply disconnect.

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