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How to chat with people who share your interests?

Hobbies connect people - show your knowledge and fascination

for different things, being passionate is always a good trait!

Chat with strangers

  1. People who share your interests

    You can choose your top interests and then find people who you can share them with. How can you talk about them with strangers on chats like chatspin?

  2. Be prepared that the other person might know more on the topic than you. But you can use it very well and listen to what they can teach you - maybe they will suggest what more research you can do and on which subject, where to look for information, what gadgets to get and what their experiences are? If you like going to the gym, they can advise you what diet tips you could try out, what exercises to do and how often to maximize the results. If you like history, you can have discussions about it, chances are your favorite eras differ so you can exchange all the information you have and the other person can benefit from that too.

    Don’t feel intimidated if you think your hobby is weird - maybe you are more obsessed with something and the other person just enjoys it from time to time. But you can use this opportunity to perhaps deepen their interest in the topic. You can tell them the story of your fascination from the beginning and it’s good to find someone who understands you.

    If it’s a thing that has to do with academia or school, you can study together. If they know or understand something more than you, they can explain it to you in an easy and accessible way. You can help each other with homework and projects, and if you’re completely stuck on an assignment another person might turn out to be very helpful and give you some ideas or even correct your thinking or your work.

    Maybe together you can find a group of people that you can join and go to events that interest you - or you can do it separately, in your cities, and stay in touch and talk about your experiences. If you like travelling, you can travel together - plan it from the beginning and meet in the country you’re visiting. Or simply chat about it and make plans for the future.

    You can give each other recommendations and tasks, like about the movies you should watch and books to read, especially if you have a favorite genre or you want to discover as many new things as possible.

    Interests are also about lifestyle and you might manage to include each other in your daily routine. You need to watch a movie they mentioned to you this week, so you will try to keep that in mind and think about them as well. You can actually start some kind of routine together and make plans with each other regularly or have a thing to do once a week. You can keep each other motivated and having a routine is always good. This way you can be in each other’s lives on a regular basis and that gives you a chance to be lifelong friends.

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