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How to get to know people you meet online
who come from other countries?

Do you want to know people from around the world?

Here’s some advice on how to do it.

Chat with strangers

  1. from other countries

    Meeting people from other countries can be very fun. Different culture, different food, different music...so many differences! When you first connect with someone from another country, say hello and be sure you both can understand each other in the same language. That way you can communicate and learn from each other. After saying hello and checking language, you can ask where they’re from, and tell them where you’re from too. This is a great way to start off the conversation.

  2. There are so many questions you could ask. Perhaps you want to learn a new language and they can teach you some new words – you can ask “can you teach me some words from your language”? Most people love to teach others about their language, so it shouldn’t be any problem. You can do the same, trading new words and languages with each other.

    You can also ask and talk about your native food. Maybe a recipe exchange of your favorite food from your country with the stranger you connected with. There are lots of good and unusual foods in the world, so ask about anything unique and different from your own. You can even suggest your favorite foods at restaurants so they can try it.

    Music around the world can be very different and have unique sounds. You can exchange your favorite groups and learn the lyrics. In some parts of the world they have very unique instruments, stuff you don’t see or hear in your country. The same with cinema, all countries have different films and movies and you can share these as well or watch them. Who knows what you might see or hear!

    Perhaps you can learn about your different cultures as well. Maybe there are holidays or traditions foreign to you and to them. How do you celebrate your holidays? What are your religious traditions? Or ask about the country in more complex ways, like politics and safety. All of it can be good and fun information to talk about and learn about new cultures and societies.

      You might meet people who don’t speak your language, but that gives you the chance to learn a new language - or practice the ones that you already know, even if it’s just a few words. Many people will appreciate your attempts, even if you only know a few words or a sentence or two. Meeting foreigners - and it’s certain you will meet them in international group chats or those for people from specific countries - can be a nice exchange of information and knowledge. You can inquire about some stereotypes that you’ve heard about people from that country - as long as they aren’t offensive or mean as that will ensure that the conversation won’t move forward, the person might even disconnect. Also you might get asked uncomfortable or rude questions - or hear statements and opinions - about your country or area, but don’t let that get to you - you don’t need to listen to anyone offending you and it’s acceptable to leave this kind of conversation.

      Nevertheless, talking to and eventually also making friends who come from different countries can be a great benefit for you since it deepens your knowledge of the world and can be pretty fun too, you can really learn how people’s personalities can vary.

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