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How to know if someone you’re chatting
with likes you?

The person is surely into you if they give you attention - people in online chats can be open -

minded, confident and all over you, just be yourself!

Chat with strangers

  1. Chatting with people who likes you

    Showing attraction and interest - especially if the person is on the other side of a computer screen, on the other side of the world too - can be a little complicated. And how can you be interested in someone you have never met? Yet many people are ready to leave everything to fly to another continent just to be with someone they love. With strangers you meet online, some kind of attraction is what drives you to talk to that person despite the distance between you and other obstacles, maybe inability to communicate in one language or the fact that you simply don’t know each other and it’s harder to get to know someone whose face you can’t see and body you can’t touch. How can you detect some small signs that the person you’ve been talking to can be attracted to you? We can try to figure that out.

    1. Compliments both your appearance and personality

    Compliments about what you look like could mean that someone finds you attractive, but that doesn’t have to mean that the person is really interested in you as a person - though they are definitely nice to hear regardless of the person’s true intention. But if someone frequently talks about your personality traits and your behavior, that you are kind, smart, passionate about something and they appreciate that passion, that you are mature, helpful, eager to listen to them pouring their heart out - or anything that you believe to be positive about you - that means they definitely like you in some way and appreciate your friendship.

    2. Wants to spend time with you and plans activities you can do together or help each other with

    This person might know when your birthday is and waits for that day to wish you a happy birthday and do something nice for you - even if you live thousands of miles away. They talk and seem excited to be able to talk to you, they don’t give the impression that they would rather be doing something else rather than chat with you. They might want to give you good advice that is objective and helps you make the rational, logical decision if you’re struggling with a dilemma. They send you Youtube videos that you should watch or anything else they see on the Internet or where they live that you might find interesting, funny or relatable. People like that are valuable and maybe this person also happens to see as more than a friend? You know for sure that they appreciate you, especially that they are not forced or obliged to chat with you - you were once a stranger they met online, but know you are close.

    3. Tells you a lot about who they are and about their life, you feel included in their world.

    They might tell you about some childhood memories, family stories, maybe show you to their parents or siblings. That means that they want you to be a part of their life and don’t want to hide anything from you. This is a good sign and can mean the chance for a promising future - who knows? Even if you live very far, there are ways to make it work, even as a long-distance relationship if you both feel the same and maybe at some point one of you will decide to come to live closer. These signs all suggest that the other party is definitely not indifferent but what are they thinking exactly? You need to find that out on your own.

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