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How to spend time with people online?

Chat with the people you like, let online strangers into your world!

Show your true self and the person you’re with won’t be able to get enough of you!

Chat with strangers

  1. Chat with people you like

    Sometimes talking isn’t enough. It might be great and you can connect with someone immediately, but both texting and talking in video chats can get a bit dull. You need to know that there are many other things you can do while chatting with someone. Some online or real life activities are available and, as long as both people are interested, you can feel almost exactly like you’re spending time in reality.

  2. You can watch movies together. This is easy but that’s one of the activities that friends choose to do very often. You can watch new releases or focus on classics, maybe one of you hasn’t seen Titanic? Find the movie online, maybe on Netflix or on websites with free movies. It’s better if you both have the same copy since that will be easier to start watching it at the same time. But if it’s not the same one then find the beginning - make sure it’s the same format or the same scene. Press play at exactly the same time, as much at the same time as you manage - and enjoy being in the movies with your new friend! You can have marathons or binge watch your favorite TV series - anything works here.

    Playing games online with people you meet on Tinychat is another option to hang out. Use popular platforms like Steam or consoles - you can connect each other. You can choose the multiplayer mode or play as opponents. Maybe you can find a completely new game that you haven’t tried before and your new friend can help you practice and get better at it?

    You can also simply browse the Internet together. This is something that you usually just start doing and then it’s hard to stop because you find that there are so many interesting things you want to show them. Maybe there are funny videos or your favorite memes that you want all of your friends to see, so you want to share it with your new online friend. You can read interesting articles on Wikipedia, laugh at vines and GIFs, stalk your former friends on social media - or just some random people you’ve found.

    It’s safe to say that if the person you’re talking to is a good match, both in a relationship or friendship, or just as someone to hang out with, you will end up doing the same things online that you do on your own. Possibilities are pretty much endless and it’s all up to you. You can even both be doing your own thing while being connected in a chat at the same time - this might actually strengthen your relationship if you’re already a bit more advanced. Naturally, it isn’t a good sign if you have nothing to talk about or to do together from the very beginning. But a bit later it might be a sign that you feel comfortable spending time with each other. Just like real life friends can run errands together, study in silence or even nap together, you might just be on the way to becoming close friends with the people you met online.

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