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How to start a relationship with someone?

Find love online - people who can be your soulmates and true love are

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  1. How to start a relationship with someone?

    You enter an online chat room ins search of just someone you can talk to. You don’t necessarily need to be looking for a serious relationship, but it might just happen that you meet someone who amazes you and you want to keep talking to them. Of course it’s hard to talk about love when you’ve only been talking on webcam, but you may feel close and attached to them. It’s hard to predict what is going to happen if the other person feels the same way about you, but it’s always worth a try.

  2. Whether they live far away and meeting even one time would take a lot of planning, time and maybe also money, or in the same town, you need to figure out how to make the relationship happen. It is not that different from trying it with someone you’ve already met.

    Show them your interest. They might take it however they choose to - whether they think you’re just being nice, you want to be their friend or you feel attracted to them. Interest is a good start to keep talking and it will encourage them to keep you in mind and engage in conversations with you. This first step will also tell you if you can expect something more from them or not. If they are eager to talk to you, send you long messages or tell you a lot of stories, including sending pictures of what they’re doing, they want to video chat with you, it could mean that they like you at least as a friend. But you might also need to wait a long time to get any response from them, even when they’re online, they can also reply with just a few words or not at all. Unfortunately, it could mean that they are not interested at all. You can learn more after you ask if they want to spend time with you or anything else that binds you together and suggests having some kind of plan. If you are not really talking about the future - which might even just be saying that you will catch them again tomorrow - then they might just consider you someone they are talking to but can stop soon. But if you make any plans and exchange any personal info, including social media names, that could mean that they want to keep talking to you. And when you have that, it’s all about being kind, helpful and engaging in this friendship more and more.

    It’s good if you find out if they are single or not. If they are taken, you should obviously stop, because whatever happens it won’t be fair to the person they’re with. If you think you might win them over and end up being with them, just think that you should be with someone for who you are the most important person, not the second or third. If they are talking to you in an intimate way despite being with someone else, there is a risk that even if they ended up dating you, they could do the same thing all over again. If they are single and you are as well, that means that they actually are available and there is no one taking up that special place in their heart, so keep trying.

    If at any point they tell you that they are not interested in you as a boyfriend or girlfriend, accept their decision. If they want to be friends and you really value them, you can keep talking to them.

    The distance might be an issue, but if you don’t live too far from each other try setting up a date. Do something that you both like, such as going for a walk and taking photographs, or taking a bike trip. If you’re not very creative, ask them for dinner or coffee, or to see a movie together - they will mostly take the hint. You don’t have to make it that obvious that you’re going out, but at this point if you are about to meet you both probably know that you’re flirting and getting close. This first meeting - date - can be crucial. You will see how they actually behave and if you feel comfortable with them. If the distance between you is huge, you may have to focus on video chats for a while. But don’t get discouraged. If you really like them and it’s mutual, plan your next holiday somewhere near to where they live. It won’t be biding and you will go on your own trip, visiting them if you get a chance. And if you fall for each other, you can just spend more time together while you’re there. If at any point you want to know where you stand, ask. It will be less intimidating than when done face to face and it’s harder to figure this out when talking on video. But at least you will know for sure.

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