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How to use a webcam chat?

Show off your best self - good-looking and with passions!

Do not hide yourself, look the others in the eye and begin video chatting.

Chat with strangers

  1. How to use a webcam chat?

    Even though webcam chats resemble talking to people face to face, there are some other rules to them that you should probably familiarize yourself with before you start using them. Mostly that the setting is your own home or some kind of indoor space that you’re in. This is better than using it on your way to work or while you’re in town - this is better for when you’re already talking to a specific person. You will probably feel less intimidated if there are no passersby listening to you just getting to know someone and will be able to see the other person on a big screen and be seen and heard by them just as well. Basically, make sure you are in a comfortable setting.

  2. It’s best if the webcam is at least close to you when you first start using a webchat. If you are intimidated, you might point the camera to your (dressed) body, simply omitting your face, showing only what’s below your neck. Alternatively, it can be showing a wall or something else in the place that you’re currently at. But keep in mind that this might be seen as your attempt to encounter some people that you could show your body to or show other activities like pornography or crime. Many people’s immediate response is to leave the chat and keep browsing to find someone else that they want to talk to. Be careful with appearing like you are hiding something. First impressions are crucial, so if you want to meet a lot of new people try to look pleasant, smile, don’t be afraid to start talking or typing your message first.

    Remember that you should still try to remove from sight all items that could identify you - do not leave out any documents, certificates, unique items. If you or your parents are wealthy, do not make any expensive items visible to other users on video. Do not give out your address or any more specific location info.

    The person you’re talking to doesn’t know you and might feel like they don’t owe you anything. So if someone is rude, ignores or makes fun of you, try not to take it too personally. Everyone is a stranger than and people might be more picky and feel like it’s okay to do what they couldn’t do in real life - or what they would be called out for in real life. This also means that if someone comes across as threatening, abusive or cruel, you can end the conversation right away. Do not let people like that manipulate you or convince to do or reveal something that you want to keep to yourself or simply don’t want to do. Even though online chats seem to resemble real-life conversations, and the intention is for them to do so as much as possible, to get rid of the physical distance between people, the online world is different and can make you believe that there exists more freedom in human relationships if you’re using this form of contact. But you need to watch out and stay safe - the Internet can be a tempting place, but also full of dangers and lurs.

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