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Making a good first impression

Listen to what others have to say and talk about yourself too! Present your

amazing personality to people from other countries who can instantly like you!

Chat with strangers

  1. Making a good first impression

    Finding the right person to talk to online is sometimes a matter of seconds. If whoever is on the other side of the screen stands out in any way, looks cool, impresses you somehow, you will not skip them but decide to have a chat to keep figuring out if this is who you want to be talking to. Sometimes you might skip on people just because you’re not in the mood and just want to browse the users, without considering them carefully. Maybe you are also using the chat because you’re bored and you will keep pressing ‘next’ until someone just amazes you or shows some resemblance to the mood you’re in.

  2. Whatever your reasons are and whatever other people’s reasons can be for why they are chatting online, you can try to help how strangers view you when they’re seeing you for the first time. First impressions can be key when meeting strangers. They don’t know you, so they have no opinion about you, but also there is no attachment or fondness that we could talk of in your relationship. They’re seeing you as a blank person and they are yet to form an opinion about you. If users are going through hundreds of different people on their webcam a day, they might easily overlook you. They won’t take their time, introduce themselves and listen to what you have to say. It’s a lottery and a quick decision - if they will pause and let you talk or move on to someone else.

    Take care of what your webcam is showing. You might be intimidated and hesitant to show your face, but you’re more likely to find a person who wants to talk if they can clearly see who their speaker is. Of course, remove all your personal items from the view. Wear something normal and casual, you shouldn’t be naked but also shouldn’t be wearing formal clothes, as this isn’t the occasion for it. A smile goes a long way every time, so try to look inviting and positive. If you’re feeling grumpy, maybe you will stumble on someone who is feeling the same, but no one can really tell that at the first glance. If another user pauses on you, don’t be scared to start talking first if they are quiet. Too much silence can turn awkward and after that it will be hard for you to create a connection, especially if the other person is rather indifferent. Ask them basic questions or show them something funny - but make sure it isn’t offensive - like a popular meme or comment. Sometimes what can be more interesting is not small talk and general questions, but if you tell a fun story first, this way the first awkward questions such as about age, nationality or work can be avoided. They will consider you to be someone who has something to say, is their own person, with hobbies, feelings and thoughts. You don’t need to try that hard and don’t pretend to be something you’re not - they will realize that quickly if you suddenly completely change your behavior, for example after receiving their social media details. Too much effort to impress a stranger will also become very visible. Show any unique and original trait or interest you may have, the other person will be compelled to find out more about it and about you.

    Don’t lie or use other people’s information. Many people want to show their darker sides, convinced that there will be no consequences for them. But you won’t really make genuine friends who can be of help whenever you need it. You can meet someone who knows you and that won’t be a nice encounter. Remember that whatever happens online doesn’t disappear - maybe someone recorded what you were doing or saying, maybe they will get your IP number? Be yourself, as easy and cliched that may sound. Reveal your secrets to those who know you and the people that you’re certain about. Any harmful or decadent behaviors shown online can have long-lasting consequences for you.

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