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Meeting people from the USA - What to expect?

Meeting Americans online is so easy in video chats - get to know boys and girls from the United States,

expect that anything you want can happen!

Chat with strangers

  1. Meeting people from the USA

    Millions of English speakers and Internet users come from the USA, so it shouldn’t be much of a surprise to encounter them while looking for people on sites like omegle or chatrandom to talk to in online chat rooms. America is so big and contains so many parts that are vastly different than others that no stereotypes about them would fit here. There are some questions you might want to ask them, about their typical foods, celebrations - like Halloween, hockey and football, or history. And it can help you learn about what America is really like, from the point of view of its citizens.

  2. 1. They might be surprised if you’ve heard about their town or some slang words they are using.

    American culture is very popular everywhere and many people also frequently research some American stories, urban legends, musicians and so on. You might have some interesting knowledge about America that people from there can think isn’t really something the majority of people knows about.

    2. You can teach them about your country or town - especially if it doesn’t resemble anything that American people are familiar with

    From the metric system to the government and habits - the USA is its own world, similarly to most countries on Earth. You can find someone who will genuinely appreciate what you know and what you were born into. You can make a regular thing sound like it’s intriguing and new. That’s how chats can help you learn more about the world - so many things are still there for you to discover.

    3. Find something that you have in common and stay in touch

    Have fun in whatever form you want - you can discuss your favorite movies and give each other recommendations or have little challenges, like to stay on top of your responsibilities, and you can keep you and your new friend motivated. These ideas might ensure you have an actual friend in your life, regardless of the distance between you two. Of course you can ask your American friend about their reality, which doesn’t need to be exactly what the media shows it to be. Keep an open mind - like talking to a person from any other place - and see what this friendship can give you.

    4. Have the courage to speak your mind

    This is what you should probably follow always when doing something you are not sure about. Talking to new people might be stressful, especially if you’re showing your face, but it also gives you the comfort of being wherever you choose to be to have conversations with strangers. You can ask your new American friends for recipes - maybe you can send them a box of sweets from where you live and they can do the same for you? There are a lot of ways to start a friendship with someone if you live far and can’t really visit each other. But maybe one day, during a road trip through America, you can stop by in your online friend’s town and spend some time with them in real life?

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