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Omegle chat is a most popular text and video chat.

Talk to strangers on Omegle for free, no registration.

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Omegle: Text & Video Chat

  1. omegle

    Registered: Jul 26, 2008
    Online Chatters: > 9000
    Mobile Friendly: Yes
    Video Chat: Yes
    Registration: No
    Alexa Rank: ~2500

    Omegle is a classic online chat room similar to Ome TV, that gives you a variety of options to choose from. You can add your very specific interests or details you want to share. Though the chat site is easy to access, the omegle chat room is monitored for people who want to break the rules of online and interpersonal etiquette. Entering the chat is allowed after accepting the terms and conditions and confirming one’s age. Omegle is a video and text chat and is one of the chat sites that don’t require any app to work smoothly on other devices, including phones and tablets.

Chat on Omegle

Chat on Omegle

Chat with strangers online and enter the chat rooms that you are most interested in. The random video chat option assigns strangers to you and offers unlimited options, webcam chats can be great for meeting people and quickly finding out if they are the right matches for you. Safe and open-minded web chat that invites you to use its options to look for people that can brighten up your life, for those who you have been looking for.

Enter the chat and chat with strangers online. You are anonymous and no details about you will be revealed unless you choose to share them. Go and see the online fun that you can experience. It is a website for everyone, choose omegle and find the right strangers that you can hopefully turn into friends or maybe even more! This is the original omegle site that is one of the most popular and dense chat room sites on the internet. No need to look for alternatives when you can use the original Omegle.

You might know Omegle because it’s such a classic. You hear the name everywhere and other online chats are compared to it very often, sometimes it’s even used as a synonym of the word ‘online chat’. It is the original random chat site. It is widely thought to be the number one chat, despite its rather simple layout and functions.

It’s super easy to start chatting - no registration is required. Basically you enter the site and after a few clicks here and there you are already out there, there is no need to waste time creating a meaningful profile with all the carefully-chosen profile pictures and crucial information about you, put in a creative essay that still doesn’t reveal too much, just to realize this is not for you and have it all go to waste. You can choose here if you want to be yourself or someone else and what details about yourself you want to tell others.

Keep in mind that there are many people online who are interested in different forms of intimacy or revealing pictures.

Be aware of that and watch out. If you are after that when joining online chats, remember that not all users are ready for this content. It is against the rules of Omegle and might get you banned instantly. If you find a user who is into the same stuff, you should discuss some boundaries and keep it private. 

Omegle was different and revolutionary in a way because it let people connect with strangers.

It moved away from what people were used to - instant messaging services or other methods of communicating with friends, colleagues and acquaintances. Random chat sites are like going out or joining clubs and communities, you can make friends choosing from a wide circle, but without having to leave your own house. Omegle connects you with others at random, it works like a roulette. You can choose from a range of features that make it easier to chat with others, such as:


Spy-mode chat is the text variant of Omegle. When you select this as your chat mode, there is no sign in or revelation of identity needed. The only disadvantage of using "Spy mode" is that you do not know the real identity of the other user.

Video chatting

Video chat is an alternative for Omegle consumers to see their faces with a random stranger through their video cameras. During the internet chat most customers demonstrate up their faces but wear anonymity masks.


In the home page of Omegle, there's an optional field text box where we can put everything we want to discuss. Adding these interests coincides with consumers who have comparable interests as well. That is one of the most generic yet useful features of all chats - to search for people to talk to based on specific hobbies or topics.

College chat

You can placed your college email address to end on the.edu.XX or.ac.XX for verification if you wish to speak exclusively with university learners. The users with which you interact, except for the domain of your email address, will not store or view your email address. This helps you connect with verified college goers, which is perfect if you are a student and struggle to make friends.

How to use Omegle?

Omegle is a text and video chatting site that is super easy to use! This chatroulette site requires no registration.

Omegle chat connects you with strangers if you click on one of the buttons: ‘Text’ or ‘Video’. Chatting with strangers on omegle is monitored - unless you click to get into the unmoderated section. This section lets you have more freedom but is more likely to have people performing sexual behaviors - if you’re interested in this, omegle has this option.

How to use Omegle - step 1

Also, you can chat with girls or boys who have the same interests as you. Simply add your interests and omegle will start searching for people.

How to use Omegle (interests) - step 2

Omegle also gives you the option to change your language, so you can chat in different languages, not only English. Omegle chat is more than a video chat - you can also have conversations with strangers through texting.

Omegle chat room works great without an app and it’s smooth even in a browser. You can link your Facebook likes to omegle chat so strangers you’re chatting with can see your hobbies, passions and thoughts, which is a useful tool to introduce yourself to new friends online! But if you don’t want to use Facebook and your public profile, you can simply type in your interests and omegle video chat will connect you with people who can become your friends or people to date online!

Omegle is a chatroulette alternative site that take a step forward and lets you enter a college chat room, where you share your university email address and can talk to other students online!

How to use Omegle (college) - step 3

Omegle online chat ensures that you won’t lose a meaningful conversation! You can save the interesting and funny chats that you have while talking to strangers. Use this option or share your conversations through social media accounts - that’s another option that this chatroulette chat site enables!

How to use Omegle (save chats) - step 4

But how can you actually talk to people online? Let’s face it - it’s not easy. Because it’s so easy and quick to join the site, many people join it and put no effort into actual conversations. Even though you get access to people from all over the world, it won’t be easy. You need to watch out for predatory people that can be found on the Internet. Using the text version of Omegle gives you a lower chance of getting to know new people because it’s nearly impossible to verify who the people are. Some topics that you can use to find some similarities and discuss subjects you can both elaborare on are your countries. The majority of users come from North America, but ,as one of the most famous online chats, Omegle connects people from all parts of the world. It’s an easy enough topic that is also relatively safe - there is no personal information that you are revealing. You can also just tell each other stories or discuss your likes and dislikes when it comes to movies, music, even politics - it won’t hurt to bring it up! The foundation of friendship is talking and sharing anyway and it might be a good start. If any of your views are questionable or controversial, don’t share them immediately. Try to figure out who the other person is and then decide if they would agree with that. At the beginning of every friendship or relationship, everyone needs to act a tiny bit and be their best self until they feel comfortable and really get to know their new friend. 

How to deal with creepy people online?

The easiest way is to just report them. Never send any pictures or share any details with people who appear shady. Report and disconnect, and move on.

  What’s up with the aesthetic of Omegle?

The first thing you might see is that the layout, fonts and everything that the site is made out of is incredibly simple, as if it hasn’t changed in years. The simple colors and clear buttons make it very easy to use the website. It’s not filled with stock pictures of happy couples or groups of friends, full of joy and laughter. The purpose is clear and Omegle serves it. It’s not complicated to use, you see where to click to begin chatting or quit chatting.

What (and who) can you find on Omegle?

Well, it’s no secret that it will be hard to get a date through Omegle, even if this site is sometimes described as a great place to meet new people. Use it if you find to pass the time, it will work for sure. It’s quick and easy entertainment for sure. Sometimes you might actually stumble on real-life people who will talk to you, but there are plenty of users there, mostly men, who use it to attract the opposite gender. You can use it if you’re feeling lonely or bored. The people you will find there will help if you want to stay anonymous, maybe talk about something personal or embarrassing. It’s easy to pretend to be someone else online and Omegle enables that too. It’s not impossible to make friends online, but Omegle, with its interface and how instant it is to begin chatting, might ask you to consider concentrating on just chats, quick and meaningless, with others. You should be careful, because these days it is said that there are many bots or fake users on it. Do not click on any links that get sent to you and avoid sharing or accepting pictures from others. 


Omegle shouldn’t be used by kids. Parents should be aware of what their children are doing online and who they are talking to. Although some sources claim it is okay for Omegle to be used by minors, it is advised that the site be used by people aged 18 or older.

Omegle user reviews:

Boy, age 25

When I was younger, me and my friends would go on Omegle - either together or while alone. Of course there were always some weirdos or strange people there who would want to get naked, but it was less frequent. Sometimes we would sing songs or pretend we’re acting out some scene, it was quite fun. We were just teenagers, but the site didn’t come off as creepy. We would use the video chat feature but also texting. I guess you could say chats help you practice other languages or how to act when around people of other races and from different countries. You really need to have a certain kind of confidence to use online chats. I mean, for some people even making phone calls is scary and intimidating, even if it’s someone they know. It’s way more stressful to talk to strangers on video. I think even meeting people in person is less intimidating than this. I guess I’m trying to say that you could see online chats as an escape for people who can’t fit in with their reality. To most people, the idea of using random chat sites to make friends sounds weird and surreal, but I can imagine quite a few people enjoy it and use it because it helps them feel better with themselves.

Girl, age 22

As a girl, I felt uncertain about joining Omegle. I was imagining that everyone would be very strange and want to shower me with compliments (and more). But when I started using Omegle I realized that this sort of thrill can be really exciting! I get online and chat with really fun people. My approach is very chill, I don’t take these people seriously at all. I like flirting and all the male attention that I get. Of course I never show my face and I never take off my clothes, but each time is an interesting experience. I like to see men get excited over my words and my teasing. I love the tension. In real life I’m very shy and have nearly zero experience with relationships, even with men in general, so I can practice online, it’s very refreshing and helps me feel more confident. I always felt insecure about my body and my words, now I don’t have to anymore and that’s the conclusion that I got to. It’s fun and it’s alright to have fun! I would never do anything to break the rules or reveal too much, but a little tease sounds good!  

In summary:

Omegle is a random video chat offers both a desktop and a mobile-friendly version. In order to start chatting with others, you can choose from a few options. You can type in your hobbies or interests, anything you like, use your college email address to talk to people who are students. You can use both a text and video chat. It’s a site made for meeting people that you don’t know and they get assigned to you at random. Omegle is monitored for behaviors that come against its rules and policies and those who break the rules can get banned. What many people experience is that it’s hard to find friendly people on there or those who are interested in chatting. Some people use it to do inappropriate things anonymously, some insult or swear at others to belittle them, there are some teens on there trying to feel mature between other grown-ups. Many people use it as a way to expose themselves in all possible ways. The concept surely is good and has potential. Perhaps many people have used it in the past and they come back in order to have the same experiences again, but they find that this is no longer a friendly community where you can have exciting encounters with strangers. If you feel nostalgic about Omegle and what it represents for you, you’re not the only one. Even though the idea is right and there is a lot of history, the execution is no longer good enough. If you want to meet a friend or find a date, turn to dating sites where you can create your profile, get verified and be able to use your real information with no fear. 


One of the first sites of its kind, unique in its time
Works smoothly on other devices and doesn’t require an app, the website is enough
Traditional – never changed much, has maintained a steady and secure position as one of the best chat room websites, popular the whole time of its existence
Completely free, extremely easy and quick to use, no registration is needed


It's section that allows the most free and unrestrained conversations is confirmed to have very few girls, which makes it hard for a lot of people who visit it to have the fun they are after
Can get monotonous, not good if you are looking for conversations or relationships
Recently there have been reported more and more fake profiles or users spreading virus software and content

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