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Omegle: Text & Video Chat

Omegle chat is a most popular text and video chat.

Talk to strangers on Omegle for free, no registration.


  1. omegle.com

    Registered: Jul 26, 2008
    Online Chatters: > 9000
    Mobile Friendly: Yes
    Video Chat: Yes
    Registration: No
    Alexa Rank: ~2500

    Omegle is a classic online chat room similar to Ome TV, that gives you a variety of options to choose from. You can add your very specific interests or details you want to share. Though the chat site is easy to access, the omegle chat room is monitored for people who want to break the rules of online and interpersonal etiquette. Entering the chat is allowed after accepting the terms and conditions and confirming one’s age. Omegle is a video and text chat and is one of the chat sites that don’t require any app to work smoothly on other devices, including phones and tablets.

Chat on Omegle

Chat with strangers online and enter the chat rooms that you are most interested in. The random video chat option assigns strangers to you and offers unlimited options, webcam chats can be great for meeting people and quickly finding out if they are the right matches for you. Safe and open-minded web chat that invites you to use its options to look for people that can brighten up your life, for those who you have been looking for.

Enter the chat and chat with strangers online. You are anonymous and no details about you will be revealed unless you choose to share them. Go and see the online fun that you can experience. It is a website for everyone, choose omegle and find the right strangers that you can hopefully turn into friends or maybe even more! This is the original omegle site that is one of the most popular and dense chat room sites on the internet. No need to look for alternatives when you can use the original Omegle.

How to use Omegle?

Omegle is a text and video chatting site that is super easy to use! This chatroulette site requires no registration.

Omegle chat connects you with strangers if you click on one of the buttons: ‘Text’ or ‘Video’. Chatting with strangers on omegle is monitored - unless you click to get into the unmoderated section. This section lets you have more freedom but is more likely to have people performing sexual behaviors - if you’re interested in this, omegle has this option.

How to use Omegle - step 1

Also, you can chat with girls or boys who have the same interests as you. Simply add your interests and omegle will start searching for people.

How to use Omegle (interests) - step 2

Omegle also gives you the option to change your language, so you can chat in different languages, not only English. Omegle chat is more than a video chat - you can also have conversations with strangers through texting.

Omegle chat room works great without an app and it’s smooth even in a browser. You can link your Facebook likes to omegle chat so strangers you’re chatting with can see your hobbies, passions and thoughts, which is a useful tool to introduce yourself to new friends online! But if you don’t want to use Facebook and your public profile, you can simply type in your interests and omegle video chat will connect you with people who can become your friends or people to date online!

Omegle is a chatroulette alternative site that take a step forward and lets you enter a college chat room, where you share your university email address and can talk to other students online!

How to use Omegle (college) - step 3

Omegle online chat ensures that you won’t lose a meaningful conversation! You can save the interesting and funny chats that you have while talking to strangers. Use this option or share your conversations through social media accounts - that’s another option that this chatroulette chat site enables!

How to use Omegle (save chats) - step 4


One of the first sites of its kind, unique in its time
Works smoothly on other devices and doesn’t require an app, the website is enough
Traditional – never changed much, has maintained a steady and secure position as one of the best chat room websites, popular the whole time of its existence


It's section that allows the most free and unrestrained conversations is confirmed to have very few girls, which makes it hard for a lot of people who visit it to have the fun they are after

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