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Tinychat is video chat rooms site for meet new friends.

Make your own chat room for free without registration.

Chat with strangers

Tinychat: Video Chat Room

  1. Tinychat

    Registered: Mar 04, 2000
    Online Chatters: < 5000
    Mobile Friendly: Yes
    Video Chat: Yes
    Registration: No
    Alexa Rank: ~24000

    Tinychat welcomes you into a community full of different webcam chat rooms. You can find the community that matches your needs and expectations, unusual interests or anything you want. It’s a great place to find your own group of me. You can both choose to create an account and sign up or join any chat room anonymously, without registration. You can find strangers nearby as well or based on the descriptions those specific online chat rooms have. This chat site offers you different options as to also upgrading the stuff that is available to you.

Chat on Tinychat

Chat on Tinychat

This chat app is also mobile-friendly and connected to both Facebook and Twitter. The descriptions of chat rooms are casual and written by users themselves, so this webcam site is customised by people who use it who make the community. The users create the rules, standards, topics and what every chat room focuses on and where it goes. It is a friendly community full of strangers who are ready to meet new friends or maybe more. It is a wonderful alternative to omegle that goes a step further, where people can get together and create groups. You can have some fun with people from any part of the world. You never know where an internet friendship can lead you.

It is a fantastic opportunity to join this video chat online site, that brings you closer to the world and opens up new possibilities for you, and can make your social circles way bigger and full of people who really understand you. Find the right community for you and spend some quality time on the internet exploring your online options.

So if you only want to interact with people on Tinychat individually, then you have hope. You can enter the URL of a room on the front page and, without signing up, press Enter your Room. Tinychat enables you to register with your Tinychat login or your Twitter or Facebook credentials by using an "instant." Just develop a room theme from there and, soon, you have your own chat space. 

And it also operates quite well. You can just add any handle you want under the Tinychat login, because it does not ask for a password. No account creation is necessary! Just send them the URL to share your chat room with others. Like Adobe ConnectNow and Tokbox, it's also very easy. Overall, the registration process is very easy, so you will easily get it done.

Back, how do you generate a website account precisely? Easy! Just enter your favorite user name, e-mail address, password, birthday name and click on the join button. You are directed to a page where your photo and sex profile can be configured. However, if you want, you can skip and do it later. Facebook is an even quicker way to register. You can simply register on Facebook, which connects your account to the chat page automatically, and you're good to go.

How to use Tinychat?

The main feature of Tinychat, an omegle chat site, is the collection of different rooms which users can join.
On Tinychat you can meet many types of people.

How to use Tinychat

The chat rooms have different rules and focus on various hobbies, interests, beliefs or preferences, but most of them welcome everyone, as long as the users are friendly and open-minded. You can find a group of people who enjoy some sexual behaviors, who are bored, lonely, who want to play games or watch a movie together. There is a lot to choose from and this is a defining feature of the chat site. You can find some chat rooms which are currently being promoted, so they are more visible than others. You can join an existing chat room or create your own room and make the rules - who can join, what are the main interests and topics of your group.

How to use Tinychat

Some features of the chat require an upgrade, but if you do it you will get plenty of extra options. Alternatively, you can choose the free video chat and begin chatting with strangers within minutes! These webcam chat rooms can also be accessed based on location, so you can make new friends who live nearby. Just as it’s popular with other sites like chatroulette, Tinychat isn’t only a browser chatting site anymore, but also an app to download for your Android or Apple device, your phone, tablet, iphone or ipad. You only need internet connection and you can chat online right now! You can also record voice messages and send them to other people.

Simple and fast registration, create your account!

If you've taken the time to develop an account, your chat room will look a certain way. While the icons— microphone and webcam toggles are easy, the general design of the chat room leaves much for us to want. On my large screen, Tinychat's design was fair. As desktop displays increase and increase their resolution, laptop displays lately took a fat step backwards when their standard resolution was 1366 to 768. Laptops are very popular, and the layout just won't cut it.

Tinychat is technically made for people who are at least 13 years old. Using and sharing explicit content is strongly forbidden and there are real moderators who browse the site in search of this kind of content, so it can be banned and erased from the website. The chat site itself is very colorful in terms of its design. It looks inviting, warm and interesting, so adults can see it as a real website and teens can think of it as cool. You can use it for free - some premium services are not cheap, so it’s for you only if you are really dedicated to using the site.

  Group or private conversations?

The main hook of Tinychat is not talking to others one-on-one in private conversation. It flourishes in group talks, video lectures and other interactive forms of meetings. To begin with, unless you have upgraded to a premium package, you can not view profiles of others employees. It's not that large, however, since private messages can still be sent to them.

The primary way you see other participants is to enter chat rooms and take part in the broadcasting group. Video, audio, text or all three of them can transmit you, depending on the medium with which you are most comfortable.

However, you do need to upgrade to premium for a full-screen perspective of other live videos.

It is mainly through entering chat rooms and participating in the group broadcast that you see other participants. Video, audio, text or the three can transmit you, depending on the medium you are most comfortable with. 

  The experience of Tinychat is to purchase gifts, send gifts, increase your' cool spots' and promote your space to the most desirable place, the Live Directory. All of these unique characteristics make your exclusive Tinychat experience cohesive and tailored.

  One thing about the chat platform is how well its particular characteristics are thought out and how they are well incorporated into their ecosystems. Their characteristics are interconnected to allow users to connect in a fun manner.

Tinychat places "status" and "exclusiveness" in its premium packages, although it is sufficiently usable for normal accounts. You need a premium account to increase your status on this website. These privileges delight young individuals who want to be popular and want to see the Live Directory page at the top.

Tinychat works almost in a caste-like scheme with elevated status.. Premium participants have signs, depending on the amount of premium you have received. So Tinychat Pro users have distinct Tinychat Extreme and Gold participants badges.

Members will also encourage their spaces to appear in the live directory. It contains a section that contains customers with the most "cool spots." Status symbols are really essential in this website, with a difference between badges and chat rooms.

Compared with the pop art of its mobile app counterpart, browsing the website is much simpler and less likely. The artsy buttons, texts and layouts of the Website and the mobile app maintain, however, their integrity and intuitive navigation. While Tinychat has many components in it, it never looked loud and embarrassed. Tinychat is a pleasant view of the younger population. It's contemporary but still lovely nostalgia.

What are Coins and Points Tiny Chat

It is the function which distinguishes free from premium accounts. The coins are given monthly for Tinychat Extreme and Tinychat Gold premium packages, and Tinychat Pro and standard accounts are not given. These moneys are used to purchase donations for yourself or other users from the virtual store. Points are essential as well. A "cool icon," depending on its point level, is displayed next to the user's nickname. The respective donation points are in each virtual gift. By sending and receiving gifts, you earn points. You'll unlock a unique achievement icon when you have enough donation points!

How can you promote your room?

You have to pay 500 coins to support your room’s promotion. The coins are only accessible for subscriptions to Tinychat Extreme and Tinychat Gold. At the beginning of their subscription, Tinychat Gold users receive 2,000 coins and their subscription is successfully renewed with 2,000 coins each month.

Virtual Store Tinychat Virtual 

You may want to purchase virtual gifts, from seasonal donations like Halloween to food, beverages, gold and jewels, pets ' friends, etc. for yourself and for yourself or your colleagues or anyone else you want to meet at "virtual store." Here, you can purchase upgrades to membership. You can purchase items by using money, Tinychat coins and points. The greater your social status, the more donations you purchase and receive.

Tinychat Live 

Live Directory is where you can view live chat rooms. Live directory Tinychat Chat rooms are the most prominent, close to your place and individuals who have the most "donations." One of the milestones of this site is to be featured at the Live Directory. This raises your popularity even further once you're on the top place.

Premium features

Tinychat has three distinct kinds of premium packages, offering various shades of exclusivity. You can choose between the three packages which best fit your requirements, either annually or monthly. Self-renewed subscription. You don't need to worry, however, because you can always cancel your subscription.

Free options include registration, joining rooms and browsing the Live Directory. Some paid features include the removal of ads, high quality video options and bonus coins on the website.

Tinychat user reviews:

Boy, aged 20

Tinychat was a great tool for me that helped me get through high school. I know it sounds strange and surprising. I was really lonely and couldn’t fit in. I was planning on just surviving school and moving on after, hoping it would get better in college. But after a while I found myself really desperate to form relationships with people, even to just chat with someone about the weather, school or current events. I knew about chat sites because they were once a real hit. It’s generally that these sites are either full of fake profiles or promote questionable behaviors, but I was craving conversation at that time. I had no friends and my parents weren’t my friends, just some people that I happened to live with. In that time of loneliness, I really had to try something and Tinychat was the chat I tried by accident, I looked up random chat sites and picked it - completely at random. I met some weird people, but a lot of them actually wanted to chat or watch a movie or discuss some topics together. Every single user was an adventure and that was what I enjoyed the most. You never knew what they were going to surprise you with. I even enjoyed the boring conversations, there was always potential for talking more and more, and getting connected to someone. I’m in touch with some of the people I met. Unfortunately, no one lives close by, everyone comes from at least a different state, even a different country or continent. But I talk to them regularly, we send each other short videos and photos, so it seems like we actually are friends. I went to college after high school and made some real-life friends, but the people I met online will stay in my life too. I met them when I needed them the most. If you are in my situation, I especially recommend it. 

Girl, aged 21

Tinychat is a super cool site that is very fun to use. There are always thousands of people online so you will never be bored. I just started using it with friends, we would go on it to check out what weirdos were lurking there, but we found out that some people are actually fun and we can just all have parties together via webcam. We met some people who lived in our area and our friends group basically became bigger - now we are all friends. So Tinychat really worked great for me when it came to socializing and I think that’s the whole purpose of it.

What else?

The ordinary video feed quality is good. It's not high definition but you can still obviously see everything without any problems. It won't tamp or freeze on you as you try to watch it. The big difference is that you don't just check out one space, Tinychat and many others. You can see every cam that belongs to the individual owning the space or to any guest. It's lots of fun to see what's happening all at once in so many locations.

Without opening an account, you can check out many rooms but not all. Everyone who broadcasts can exclude visitors from their space. Many people choose it, so maybe you don't have the kind of access you'd like. This is evident because of this. If somebody thinks they want to be a guest, they're going to do it. It reduces the amount of trolls so that everyone has a nice time to chat together.

You can just go to your microphone or type in the chat windows once you are in a room. You can also obtain private messages for every individual. It is generally better to ensure, as with most locations, that you are ready to get one before sending it. It is good ways, and spreads throughout the internet to all cam locations. There is no sense in getting angry about it when you send one and get kicked out of a space. Before you decide to submit, it is always worth checking.

One thing to remember is that this isn’t a page with adult content. You can see that it is never welcome right on the thumbnails on the homepage. If you want to get nonsense, it's not a place to go. There are plenty of other locations for this. This is a place to discuss and enjoy your conversations with fresh individuals. Nothing gets ever more dirty. If you are tired of seeing penises, then you probably look for that oasis.


You can create a new chat room or join an existing one with an unlimited number of users
it is easy to find people who have similar interests and opinions, 3. it is easy to start using it


Users think the upgraded account you can get which you pay for doesn't provide the additional features that it claims to provide
There is a small number of female users

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