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What is Shagle - random video chatting explained.

Shagle is a webcam chat and sites like this can give

you a fuller experience than text-based chats.

Chat with strangers

  1. Shagle Random Video Chat

    Shagle focuses on connecting people with each other based on being randomly assigned to someone. Random chats enhance anonymity for sure and are better if you are only looking for fun. What are random chat rooms and what can you do there?

  2. It lets you skip through different people and encounter the variety of them that can be found on the Internet. You can change your preferences and adjust who you would like to talk to the most, but that won’t narrow your choice that much. Knowing a thing or two about how chat rooms work exactly can help you understand their users more and not be too surprised.

    It might be better to try using it late at night rather than during the day. This applies even if you live in Europe but aim at meeting people from America. The middle of the night usually means afternoon or evening in America and a ton of other places. And in your time zone and similar time zones it’s also late. This way you can get to experience people who are using their free time to browse chats, so they are more open and fun. More people are using it at the same time too, which means you aren’t stuck with the same 5 people over and over again, even if you already changed the person you were talking to at least a few times. There are always more and more people coming there at night.

    It’s better if you try to ask more original questions. Sex-related questions don’t make a great first impression, as much as boring things like asking about the weather or day. Try to stand out and show something unique. Many people will immediately skip strange or unappealing things said or written by strangers. So if you want to meet someone you need to think of better things to say than ‘you’re gorgeous’ to a girl that looks nice. Make sure whatever you say or write isn’t rude and can start a conversation.

    Shagle is a webcam chat and sites like this can give you a fuller experience than text-based chats. People can write weird things to you because they are not showing their face. It might appear to be a more anonymous form of chatting online - you can pretend to be whoever you want to be. That doesn’t mean that people can’t hide their identity on webcam, but it’s way easier in text chats. Shagle lets you show your face, talk to people just like you’re talking face to face.

    If you want to feel more comfortable - and maybe have more fun at first - you can invite a friend to join you. You can decide to follow the attempts of many other people and sing a song while other users are watching you, some use it to perform songs solo or play an instrument. You can also do anything else, dress up or prepare an illusion that you are someone else, wear a mask and play a different character - these are all fun ways to enjoy video chatting on Shagle.  

    Stay open to internationals. If someone comes from a really exotic place, ask them questions and show interest in their country - it will probably be nice for them to see that you want to find out more about them. You will find out that people can connect easily even if they come from different continents and distant cultures. You might learn stuff about countries that you couldn’t place on the map before - now you can have a friend from that country.

    Keep in mind that it’s better not to share your personal details until you know if the person you’re talking to is real or not. Fun experiences are good and everyone needs them, but it’s better to stay safe.

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