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Which topics are okay when talking to
strangers and which ones should be avoided

You can discuss your thoughts and feelings with strangers who can turn out to be

loyal friends. Share your secrets, but be patient - there will be time for everything.

Chat with strangers

  1. Which topics are okay when talking to strangers and which ones should be avoided

    Some people are comfortable discussing their secrets with strangers, some treat it pretty seriously and prefer to keep some things to themselves, just like they would only share them with friends in real life, not people they just met a few minutes ago. But it’s safer to assume that not everyone wants to open up immediately and you should consider some topics that might either be too private or too controversial depending on the person’s response.

    You shouldn’t ask about the person’s love and sex life, their experiences and preferences. You don’t know their story, maybe they are just going through a hard break-up or have been in an abusive relationship and going back to these memories might be too painful. They might have done things they are not proud of as well and don’t want to mention it in fear of being ridiculed or judged. After all, they don’t know your views and experiences as well, your beliefs might be very different from theirs. If you have a bad experience you want to talk about, try to see if the person might be okay with it. If they seem interested in you, you can talk about it and if they have a similar thing to say they will feel encouraged by your openness. Just try not to shock them with too many details that you should perhaps keep to yourself. All of this depends on at least one of you deciding to push the topic forward. It might also happen that you are both private people and there is no room here for discussing anything shocking, and that’s alright too. Do not get out of your comfort zone for someone else, just to impress them.

    Asking about the person’s exact location, like their address, or more specific details like the school they go to and other exact places might sound suspicious and especially if you just started talking and you live relatively close by. People should be careful when giving away this kind of information and many of them know it and are cautious. Unless you are making plans to hang out and have been in touch for some time, do not ask the person you’re talking to about those details, especially wanting to know their home address may make you look bad in their eyes. Wait for them to tell you themselves if they feel like it. Or when the situation calls for it and you’re supposed to hang out - or already hanging out with each other. This way both of you know who you’re talking to and if the other person really is who they initially claimed to be.

    Avoid getting in religious or political discussions, especially if your views might be considered offensive or controversial. If you don’t approve of some country’s politics and the person you’re chatting with happens to come from that place, do not bring this up. You are risking a confrontation or a heated argument, and that can be stressful and unnecessary. Naturally do not share any racist, sexist and other potentially offensive comments - chats should be about making friends and being nice and finding people who match your personality, not making enemies and being rude and abusive. Consider that you never know what the person’s mental state may be, one rude remark can seriously undermine someone’s confidence and bring down their mood. If you can make some random person’s life easier, just chat with them about neutral things and do not be mean. Additionally, don’t comment on people’s appearance and health. People’s backgrounds, health, political and social issues are all concerned taboo topics and you should avoid them even if the only reason for that is not wanting to hurt the other person. If you find someone who is open about everything and talks about everything even if it’s controversial - and you feel comfortable with that - keep talking to them about whatever suits you. Online chats are all about finding people who match you even in the smallest details that are normally hard to find in people you meet in real life.

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