Wireclub: Free Text Chat Rooms

Lets you meet strangers wherever you are, you can have fun and enjoy

yourself while discussing the subjects that you are interested in!


  1. Wireclub

    Registered: Feb 11, 2004
    Online Chatters: > 500
    Mobile Friendly: Yes
    Video Chat: No
    Registration: Yes
    Alexa Rank: ~46000

    This chat lets you create a free profile where you can add a little about yourself so your potential new friends can get to know you! It resembles a social media service, a website that stresses having fun and being friendly, not necessarily focusing on flirting and dating, but you can obviously meet anyone there and there are no limits!

Chat on Wireclub

Find dates and friends, you can learn who they are, what they like and what their views and opinions are. Each member can receive private messages from you - but this feature only works if you have a membership, which is unfortunate. You can still always add people to your list and make them your friends on WireClub. It might be a bit hectic to only use the chat rooms where you talk to other people. One of the cool features there is being able to play games - this will be fun regardless of the type of users that you will find. Similarly to other such websites which focus on sending messages to each other, this site might also not work great if you are looking for a romantic relationship. Important features of the site require being a member and paying for it, although generally creating your basic profile is free.

How to use Wireclub?

Create a free account and tell everyone who you are! Choose a suitable name and become one of the users. You need to use your email address to register, which helps verify everyone who signs up and keep track of who is registering. Still there are people who use fake accounts or those who don’t include any information - if anything seems strange, don’t talk to that person.

Wireclub registration

You can choose one of the many chat rooms available. It can be used not only for casually talking to each other, but also playing games such as Bingo or Wordy, discussing various more or less important topics.

Wireclub topics

You can have both private conversations and enter a random chat where you can search for the people you like and talk to the whole big group of people. This website might be for you if you prefer talking and spending time in a relaxed atmosphere, but it can be hard to date there, even casually.

WireClub will be good for you if you are bored, want to share your thoughts on something, feeling lonely and wanting to find something to indulge yourself in.


you can have actual conversations with people and play games, the focus of the site isn’t strictly dating and flirting
nice and rich-looking layout
doesn’t take long to sign up


many important features are available only if you pay, using the free version can be much less fun
the dating part of the site doesn’t work too well
a lot of empty or fake profiles

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